Types of Workplaces

There were 78,000 RIDDOR reported work accident injuries suffered by employees at work in 2013/2014, with around 1.2 million people suffering from work-related illness.

The risks faced by workers depend very much on the type of work that they carry out and, inevitably, some workplaces are riskier than others.

factory and warehouse

The most dangerous industry of all is agriculture, which although it accounts for just over one in a hundred workers, is responsible for around one in five fatal injuries. Construction is also a dangerous occupation. According to the Health and Safety Executive, it accounts for about 5% of all those employed in Britain, but 27% of fatal injuries and around 10% of reported major injuries.

And it is not only traditionally hazardous industries that are responsible for high levels of worker injury and illness. For example, the health and social care sector is not regarded by many as being a dangerous environment in which to work; however, workers in the health and social care sector have a higher than average incidence of both manual handling and major slip and trip injuries – the most common types of workplace injury in Scotland.

Each type of workplace carries its own set of risks; however some of the most hazardous are the following:

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