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Forklifts in factoryMany workplace accidents involve employees falling from stationary or moving vehicles. Even if the fall is not from a substantial height it can still cause serious injury and the employee may be entitled to claim compensation if the incident was caused by lack of training, vehicle maintenance or employer negligence.

Common injuries resulting from this type of accident at work include back injuries, neck injuries, head injuries and broken bones.

When do falls from vehicles occur?

Falls from stationary vehicles are most likely to happen when the vehicle is being loaded or unloaded, as employees may be moving quickly and could be carrying heavy items. An employee may fall because they cannot see where they are going, may lose their balance or slip or trip.

Falls from moving vehicles may occur in turnover incidents, especially if the operator/driver is not strapped in. Occasionally, workers may attempt to ride on lifting mechanisms, such as the forks on a forklift. This is a very dangerous practice and should never be attempted - if work at height must be carried out a secure access method must be used and all lifting platforms should be stationary.

Slips and trips inside a vehicle

If the floor surface of the vehicle is damaged or slippery, this could cause slipping and tripping from both a stationary and moving vehicle. To avoid this type of accident at work employees should report any damage of the floor surface to their employer as soon as it is noticed.

When an employee is working with wet or slippery materials, or in very wet conditions, they should ensure that residue does not get transferred to the floor surface of the vehicle from footwear. If this is likely, the employee should wear appropriate non-slip footwear and take care when working on the vehicle - training should be provided.

Do you need to speak to a work accident solicitor?

If you have had an accident at work, even if you are unsure whether you would be able to claim compensation, contact our No Win No Fee lawyers today on 0800 0891331. We can investigate matters for you and advise you on your first step towards receiving compensation.

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