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As the largest firm of personal injury solicitors in Scotland, we can safely say that at Thompsons we care very deeply about helping other people. Our main aim has always been and will only ever be to help individuals get the maximum amount of compensation they deserve. But sometimes the law does not fully serve the victims of terrible accidents as well as it should, and this is when things need to change.

That's why our lawyers don’t just argue on the existing laws, they also campaign to change the justice system so that it is fair and relevant to modern society.

Campaigning for better laws to help victims

It is important that the law adapts to meet changing social needs and attitudes. Campaigning to change the law gives the general public a voice and a chance to support causes they believe in.  It also helps canvas views towards topical issues such as workplace safety or cleanliness of hospitals, raising awareness and hopefully improving the conditions for everyone so that fewer people have to suffer the potentially devastating consequences of an incident.

As lawyers who, for several decades now, have worked closely with victims of industrial disease and workplace accidents we are in a privileged position to see when the justice system is not doing its job, and we have the knowledge, expertise, and passion to act on it.

How Thompsons has helped

We know that accidents can have a devastating impact on the lives of a victim's family as well, and believe that any compensation award should reflect this. That's why, working in partnership with trade unions and victims' pressure groups, we have been able to successfully convince the government to widen the scope of relatives who can claim compensation when a loved one is negligently killed.

Now, the law rightly recognises that in many situations a close bond will exist between siblings or between grandparents and grandchildren.  These groups were previously ignored when damages claims were settled. We strongly urge that all trade union members and their families understand the full benefits that they're entitled to, which includes free legal advice in relation to a personal injury claim.  

In relation to asbestos related cancer we have been successful in persuading government that victims should be compensated quickly in order that they may, at the very least, enjoy some financial comfort before their death.  Furthermore, we've helped to make sure that these victims should not have to make the impossible choice over whether they OR their relatives should be compensated.

When victims of pleural plaques were told they would get nothing in terms of redress for scarring on their lungs due to asbestos exposure, we supported a campaign to open the Scottish Parliament's eyes to the thousands of suffering workers, and they now realise that this is not acceptable.

Over the past decade, Thompsons has also been involved in campaigns seeking inquiries into some of the worst disasters in the country. We helped set up The Penrose Inquiry and then represented all the transfusion and haemophiliac victims involved, who were negligently exposed to NHS blood contaminated with Hepatitis-C. We offered strong support for the inquiry into the Stockline Plastics factory explosion and represented the victims' families affected by the tragedy. These inquiries have proven that even the Lord Advocate can be made to take action in the public interest if the right kind of pressure is applied.

We do all this because we know that campaigns help ensure justice for victims, keep the law modern and accurately reflect the public’s concerns.

Feel supported with a Thompsons Solicitor by your side

As can be seen from our many years of experience and campaigning, we've helped victims who have unfairly suffered because of another's negligence, and we intend to help many more.

If you have been injured or are suffering an illness that you believe to have been caused, at least in part, by the actions of someone else – perhaps an employer who did not properly enforce the correct health and safety regulations in the workplace – then there is no need for you to face the consequences on your own. You could be entitled to claim compensation.

Friendly, caring, and dedicated, Thompsons Solicitors can provide you with all the advice and guidance you need in relation to your claim. Our lawyers are equipped with a diverse range of expertise in the field of personal injury, and we always strive to keep our fees to a minimum. Call us today on 0800 0891 331 today for an initial discussion about your case.

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