Construction Accidents Involving Nails and Sharp Objects

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Sharp nails in woodIt is not uncommon for relatively small and minor seeming injuries to actually cause significant and lasting pain, suffering and hardship.

The risk posed by sharp objects, no matter the size, is one that should be taken seriously by all construction employers.

There are many sharps hazards on a construction site, from tools and machinery to broken bricks, from nails, screws plus various blades, saws and knives. Care should always be taken when working with or around such items, while employers and/or managers should ensure that hazardous equipment is used only by employees who have received appropriate health and safety training and are wearing suitable safety equipment.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and safety boots can help reduce the incidence of injury while sharps risk assessments can further mitigate against the possibility of an accident.

Case study

One of our construction injury clients made a claim for a life threatening case of blood poisoning. His injury had begun as an innocent-seeming scratch but had developed complications which caused him devastating consequences, both financially and physically.  

Had the employers in this case complied with their duties under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 the accident, and the consequences for this client, could have been avoided.  Our client was compensated accordingly.

 All site managers have a duty to make construction sites safer.

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