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Burns and scalds are a common type of accident at work and they can occur in a variety of different jobs. They are very painful injuries, and can cause pain and suffering for months after the accident.

If a burn or scald injury is severe, it can cause scarring, and facial and body disfigurement. In such cases, the victim may need surgery or skin grafts. Where mobility is affected after a burn or scald injury the patient may require physiotherapy and rehabilitation to help improve movement in the affected limbs. 

Not just flame and heat-related

Burns or scalds are avoidable hazards and they can occur in a great number of varying work scenarios. They can occur in very cold temperatures as well as from heat and fire-related conditions.

Burns and scalds can be suffered by construction workers, chefs and kitchen workers, beauticians and hairdressers, hospital workers, engineers, chemical handlers and, of course, anyone who comes into contact with fire and processes which requires extreme heat.

Causes of burns and scalds

  • Extreme heat - this is what most people think of when they think of a burn injury. This could be caused by hot liquids, hot objects or flames.
  • Extreme cold – this type of burn includes frost bite and could be caused by very low temperatures, or freezing substances.
  • Electricity – there is the risk of this type of burn in virtually all workplaces, so all employees are at risk of this type of accident at work. The injury is caused by an electric shock and can be caused by faulty equipment.
  • Radiation – a radiation burn can be caused for example by exposure to Ultra Violet light. Protective clothing can be used to protect against this type of accident at work.
  • Chemicals – people who are at risk of this type of accident at work are usually those who work with hazardous substances.

Severe burns can be life-threatening, but most burn and scald injuries can be avoided with the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), training and adherence to safety guidelines

Have you suffered a burn or scald injury at work?

Thompsons understands the need for sensitivity and care when dealing with a case regarding this type of accident at work. Our lawyers have vast experience in dealing with accident at work compensation claims of all types.

Our team will work closely with you to arrange necessary therapies and rehabilitation, and will guide you through the claims process from start to finish.

We can help ensure that, where negligence is not disputed, our clients receive interim funds to ensure their treatment is carried out to the highest possible standards and in a timely manner.

If you have suffered a burn or scald injury from an accident at work, contact our specialist compensation lawyers on 0800 0891 331 and we will assess your claim for compensation.  Our No Win No Fee policy means we take care of the financial burden of making a compensation claim at an already stressful time for clients.

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