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Perhaps you were injured falling from a ladder at work? Perhaps you sustained an uncomfortable and disabling whiplash injury in a car accident? Perhaps your mother broke her arm tripping outside the library? Or maybe your husband caught MRSA in hospital? The types of claim that Thompsons' personal injury solicitors in Scotland can assist you with are wide-ranging and cover many different situations.

The amount of compensation awarded for personal injury depends entirely on the circumstances of each individual case. For example, how badly you were injured, how much – if at all – you were responsible for the accident, how much you have incurred in medical expenses, or how much the injury will affect your job prospects in the future.

The aspects of a compensation claim award are broken down into two main components as follows:

  • Special damages: Also known as patrimonial loss, this covers financial losses that can be measured – for example, medical expenses, transport costs, lost earnings or the cost of specialist equipment.
  • General damages: Also known as solatium, this covers the costs of aspects of your injury and accident experience that cannot be conclusively measured – for example, the pain the injury has caused and any loss of physical and mental capacity, as well as the trauma of the accident and its ongoing psychological repercussions.

Common Personal Injuries

Below is a list of links that will take you to information about claims for specific types of injury.

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Personal injury is a complicated area of the law and while it might seem a big step to contact lawyers, personal injury claims are an important legal right and should not be neglected or underestimated. Our personal injury lawyers will be happy to advise you and are dedicated to recovering the maximum compensation for each claimant, in the shortest possible time. We win more than 90% of the cases we take on and each week secure around £1 million in compensation for our clients.

Thompsons Solicitors are experts in all personal injury matters. Our injury lawyers will be happy to talk you through the process of making a compensation claim and to answer any questions or queries you may have.  

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