Industrial Diseases

Industrial diseases are injuries or sicknesses resulting from exposure over a period of time to an occupational hazard in the workplace.

The ‘occupational hazard’ will vary according to the type of work being carried out, but it could be a harmful substance, such as dust or fumes, a harmful activity, such as using a vibrating tool of some sort, or a harmful environment, such as one that is very loud.

Typically, workers are exposed to the harmful substance or working conditions over a period of time, with the result that it has a serious impact on their body and general health.

There are many different types of industrial disease, but some of the most well-known relate to asbestos. You’ll find more information on this in our asbestos-related diseases section. Other examples of industrial diseases include:

Industrial Disease Compensation Claims

Industrial diseases have a huge impact on victims, physically, emotionally and financially. It can feel like you have no control over your own life - but with the proper medical, financial and legal advice it is possible to take control again.

From a legal point of view, if you have developed an illness or disease because your employer exposed you to something harmful, then you could be entitled to claim compensation.

You may also help to prevent someone else becoming ill in the same way.

Industrial Disease Compensation Lawyers

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We have specialist industrial disease teams, dedicated to fighting for the rights of people who have been negligently exposed to harmful substances and conditions at work. We also know that people only seek advice from a compensation solicitor when they have been through a traumatic or painful experience.

That is why our compensation claims solicitors are sympathetic and approachable, and will do their utmost to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for you, in the shortest possible time.

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