Industrial Diseases and Injuries

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Around 1.3 million workers in the UK suffer from work-related ill health

Industrial diseases and injuries are conditions resulting from exposure to occupational hazards in the workplace over a period of time.

Such ‘occupational hazards’ vary according to the type of work being carried out, but could be exposure to harmful substances, such as dust, fumes, and chemicals, or harmful activities, such as using vibrating tools or carrying out repetitive processes. Sometimes, harmful working environments can cause industrial injuries, such as working in a loud factory.

There are many different types of industrial disease, but some of the most well-known relate to asbestos. You’ll find more information on this in our asbestos-related diseases section.

Thompsons can help you make a compensation claim for occupational ill health. Find out more about industrial diseases and injuries and how to make a compensation claim below.


There are around 6,000 new cases of work-related skin disease in the UK each year. Employers have a legal duty to protect workers from the risk of developing occupational skin diseases such as dermatitis.

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According to HSE figures for 2016/17 around 20,000 workers in the UK suffer from work-related hearing loss. Thompsons Solicitors can help you claim for tinnitus, noise induced hearing loss, acoustic shock and more..

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Working with vibrating machinery or carrying out repetitive processes at work may cause a number of industrial injuries such as hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), vibration white finger (VWF), carpal tunnel syndrome, Tendonitis and Dupuytren's contracture.

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Respiratory disease is one of the major causes of death in the UK and Europe. Occupational respiratory diseases include asbestos-related diseases, occupational asthma, pneumoconiosis, silicosis and lung cancer.

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Hazardous substances can damage health in many ways, from causing irritation, allergic reactions and short-term illnesses to long-term health conditions and in some cases even death. If you have suffered exposure to harmful chemical, fumes, dust or other substances, Thompsons can help you claim compensation.

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Find out what is involved in making a claim for compensation from your employer if you have suffered an industrial disease. We can let you know what you need to make a start, what the process entails, how long you can expect a claim to take, and more.

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What is an industrial disease? Who will pay compensation related to occupational ill-health? Can you claim if your employer is no longer in business? What are the time limits to claim? How much will the whole process cost?

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