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Take more off your plate with Thompsons 'On Demand' menu options

On Demand DownloadThompsons 'On Demand' is a personal injury referral service for solicitors.

Offering you greater flexibility than other solicitor referral services, our menu is designed to suit every business need – from simple referral options to litigation support as your case progresses – whilst giving you the power to determine the level of input and control you want.

Your business needs are catered for, your control is secured, and your client remains yours.

See how much better Thompsons `On Demand’ is for your firm, click on the links below for more info.

Thompsons On Demand – the dependable, controllable, flexible referral.

Our Referral Service 

There are many different ways for you to refer your case to us, each one designed to suit you, your client, and the level of involvement you wish to have.

If you’re looking to simply refer and move on to your next case, there are different options for upfront payments, fee sharing arrangements, or a combination of both.

This table shows some examples.

Upfront Payment Backend % Of Thompsons Total Fee Agent/Client Fee Charged to Client
£650 NIL Capped at a maximum of 15%
£350 10% Capped at a maximum of 15%
NIL 25% Capped at a maximum of 15%


Extras - we'll supplement you once you refer 10 cases, with an extra 5% of Thompsons fee on all other cases.

Or, you may wish to remain involved with the case – from on-going input, to calendarised updates, to consultation at key junctures – whatever you’re comfortable with, you can specify your commitment level and agree the payment structure in advance.

With Thompsons `On Demand’ flexible referrals, you’ll find exactly the right option for you and your client.

In short - when you feel completely comfortable about doing so. Thompsons `On Demand’ is different from other solicitor services because it’s much more flexible. It offers a full menu of services, payment structures, and complete access to the case on an ongoing basis - if that’s important to you and your client. Many partner firms prefer to refer a case to us from the very outset, others prefer to obtain a precognition before passing it on. For some partners, they like to investigate then intimate the claim themselves, bringing us in as the case develops, or when insurers reject the claim or even introduce unnecessary delays into proceedings. `On Demand’ fits around you and your client needs, whether it’s at the early outset of the case build or after extensive preparation. When it’s time to refer, you can pick up the phone, send us an email, or organise an in person or virtual meeting to discuss your case.

Exactly the way you want us to. From the very start we discuss your preferred method of communication, and the frequency and format of each communication, and then put into place the systems required to deliver your updates exactly the way you want. We can call, email, organise regular meetings or diarise updates at regular intervals, and all the while you’ll have secure online access to all the case information as the case progresses. A full menu of communication options is available to you, and once selected, `On Demand’ delivers.

`On Demand’ is designed with you and your client in mind, that’s why it’s the most flexible referral service available to Solicitors in Scotland. When you refer your case to Thompsons, it is still your case - the client is still your client. This never changes. How we communicate with your client is vitally important to help bolster your relationship and enhance the client’s view that you not only remain involved, but that you’re integral to the ongoing case development. This can include dual branded letter heading, meetings taking place in your offices, settlement cheques coming directly from you; whatever you feel most comfortable with, `On Demand’ is designed to help strengthen your relationship and reputation with your clients, long after the successful conclusion of the case. You have the flexibility to remain as involved as you wish, in perception and practice.

Sometimes, all you need is a friendly chat to help steer you in the right direction. `On Demand’ was designed to help build relationships between Thompsons and other solicitors across Scotland, and as such, we will happily chat through any difficult cases you have to help you decide on the best route forward – without any cost or obligation to you. What else would you expect from the most flexible personal injury referral service available to Scottish solicitors today? To discuss your case further, just call Patrick McGuire on 0141 566 6971.

Because we don’t have Chinese walls. We don’t need them. Our ethos of never representing guilty or `accused’ parties, stretches back to our very inception. It’s part of our DNA and our long and proud history. So, when you choose Thompsons `On Demand’ you’re choosing not just the most flexible personal injury referral service available, you’re choosing a multi-disciplined firm that has the moral integrity to refuse dual representation; we’re only ever on your client’s side. We prefer to tear down legal walls, not build imaginary ones.

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