Thompsons on Demand - Solicitors Service

Thompsons On Demand is a personal injury referral service which puts you in control and offers you financial security and support in relation to your personal injury cases.
The service allows you to choose the type and level of service to suit your business needs and your client’s needs.  
The flexibility of the service means that you will receive specialist advice and assistance under clear and agreed terms which you are comfortable with.
At the heart of Thompsons On Demand is a respect of the fact that the client is your client and that will remain true long after the personal injury case is concluded.
Whether you are looking to refer a case directly to us or you are looking for specific support or advice the flexibility of the service means that your needs will be met.
By referring cases to us and becoming part of our network you will receive access to the following

•    Examples of referral fee arrangements
•    When do I transfer the case?
•    How we update you
•    Communicating with your client
•    Section 69 of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013
•    General guidance without transferring the case to us

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