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The Law Society of Scotland have now issued their response to the Consultation on the Law of Succession. In this blog we shall focus on the response to potential amendments to intestacy (when a person dies without a Will) and claims made by an individual who was living with the deceased but not married.

A tragic accident occurred last week at a farm just outside Linlithgow when two men were fatally injured following the collapse of a wall. Two others were also injured as a result of the wall collapse. The men were working on the wall at the time of the accident. Far too frequently do we see new stories of workers who leave their families in the morning to go out to work and do not return. While investigations are ongoing at the farm by Police Scotland, and the Health and Safety Executive, and the cause of the collapse of the wall is unknown, it does cause you to wonder about the health and safety practices implemented for the job. If a wall or structure is unsafe then the necessary safety measures should be put in place to protect the employees who have to work in that environment to prevent accident such as this.

Last week, it was reported that a claim made against Glasgow City Council, by a student who had suffered PTSD following the Glasgow bin lorry crash in 2014, had been unsuccessful. However, it was not absence of an injury, or a determination on the cause of the crash, which led to the claim for damages being refused.  The personal injury court required to focus on the matter of determining whether the pursuer was a primary victim, and ultimately determined that she was not and, as such, had no entitlement to compensation.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have this month issued a safety alert regarding the risk of exposure to harmful fumes from welding. This is in light of new scientific evidence from the International Agency for Research on Cancer that exposure to all welding fumes can cause lung cancer. It has also been indicated that there could be a link with kidney cancer.  

At Court of Session this week an employer, Peebles Media Group, are bringing a case against their former employee, Patricia Reilly.

The claim, brought before one of Scotland’s highest court, claims that Ms Reilly was at fault when she paid invoices, which turned out to be fraudulent, leading to the company losing around £200,000.

A landmark decision in the Court of Session has confirmed that community councils can be sued for their negligent misdeeds.  A community council is a voluntary organisation set up by statute passed by the Local Authority and run by local residents to act on behalf of its area. They promote the well-being of their communities and local people are encouraged to become members of their community council.  Lord Woolman recently decided that a case, advanced by Thompsons Solicitors, against Connel Community Council could proceed to a full evidential hearing.

Today Friday 31 January 2019, marks the centenary of the Battle of George Square, one of the most significant moments in Scottish working class and trade union history. The Battle of George Square, otherwise known as “Bloody Friday” started with a strike called by the Clyde Worker’s Committee (CWC). CWC and their members sought to agitate for the 40 hour week. The industrial action was well supported on Clydeside, and by 31 January 1919, estimates of 90,000 striking workers and their families flooded to Glasgow’s George Square.  The Red Flag was raised in the crowd.  The British state, concerned that such well supported agitation would turn to a Bolshevik style revolution, violently suppressed the rising, sending tanks, soldiers and machine guns to Glasgow. Over 50 people were injured as a consequence.

The Financial Conduct Authority has fined Santander almost £33 million for failing to transfer over £183 million of deceased customer’s funds when they should have. This directly affected 40,428 customers.

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