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This will be the place to find all breaking news and updates from Thompsons and personal injury litigation in general.

Car insurance is one of life’s necessary evils. All motorists know they are under a legal obligation to take out car insurance to cover them in the event they are involved in an accident. Few drivers, however, are aware of the terms of their policy and, more importantly, what could invalidate their policy.

I have been lucky enough to have achieved a great many successes during my professional career to date.  I have won important cases for individual clients.  I have campaigned with colleagues in the trade union and wider labour movement to achieve great changes in the law.  I have been lucky enough to be described therefore as a campaigning lawyer. 

Toys R Us,  Maplin, Woolworths and British Home Stores. Once the main players on the high street,  soon to be a distant memory. No big deal, right? You can buy anything that they sold online – possibly cheaper? A few clicks and you can compare prices and look for the cheapest online retailer, without ever having to leave the house. The online shops still employ staff and the consumer still gets what they want.

Regardless what weeks newspapers you are looking at there is likely to be a story about someone being convicted of driving whilst under the influence of alcohol. The vast majority of the population is well aware how serious such a conviction can be. A drink driving conviction now comes, quite rightly, with a significant taboo that would have been alien 30 years ago, and still is in other counties around the world.

I took my 7 year old son to see Peter Rabbit over the Easter Weekend at the cinema; we had heard good reviews about it and thought we would give it a go. 

"I will destroy all humans" The uncomfortably human-looking robot Sophia told her creator last year. Recovering from my initial panic (SKYNET IS HAPPENING) I couldn’t help but notice the general unease people have around technological advances. The most common unease not being the inevitable robot uprising - but the impact on their jobs.

On 11 March 2018 beloved comedian Sir Ken Dodd passed away at the age of 90. He passed away at home, with his new wife at his bedside. He had married his long-term partner, Anne Jones, just two days before his death.

A former NHS Chief has spoken out this week about the dangers of 3G football pitches.   Nigel Maguire's son Lewis died this month 4 years after receiving a diagnosis of the blood cancer, Hodgkin's lymphoma and his father is concerned this may be related to his regular games of football on 3G pitches.  As a result, he has urged the government to ban the construction of further pitches until they can be declared completely safe.

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