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The documentary Alan Shearer: Dementia, Football and Me which aired on BBC One recently (available on iPlayer) made for troubling viewing.

The Scottish Parliament has recently passed a new Bill which will mean it will be compulsory for all school buses to be fitted with seatbelts. The Seat Belts on School Transport (Scotland) Bill was supported by all MSP and was unanimously passed last week. The new law will come into effect from next year when all vehicles provided by local authorities used to transport children of primary school age will require to be fitted with a seatbelt. This will be extended further in 2021 to include vehicles being used to transport children of secondary school age.

We have now reached that time of the year where fireworks will Boom! Pop! Bang! in the sky. Fireworks bring people together at a time of celebration, but yet every year we hear stories of individuals who have no regard for the safety of others.

The Airbus Super Puma was once regarded as the “workhorse” of the North Sea oil industry. In the recent years, the helicopter has been the subject of safety concerns after a series of fatal crashes.

In April last year, a Super Puma helicopter crashed outside the island of Turøy, a municipality near Bergen, Norway. The helicopter was returning from the Gullfaks B platform and was carrying eleven Norwegians, one Briton and one Italian. This was the third fatal accident involving the aircraft in the North Sea since 2009.

We are living in the twilight of the hydrocarbon era. It is one which, despite in geological terms, having lasted the merest blink of an eye, has still managed to inflict lasting and potentially irreparable damage on the planet’s ecosystem. In the two and a half centuries since James Watt patented the world’s first steam engine in 1775, humanity has used its newfound mastery over hydrocarbon energy capture for beakly nefarious purposes: all of a sudden, wars got deadlier, colonial exploitation got easier and work got more menial. From the 1950s onwards too, when we realized that the oil would one day run out, we decided that turning the Middle East into a dystopian desert bloodbath was somehow a proportionate solution. All the while, politicians from Beijing to New Delhi to Brasilia to London to D.C. have all willfully blinded themselves to the ruinous environmental consequences such petro-profligacy.

Harvey Weinstien – a name little known in the mainstream, until recent weeks. The name, Harvey Weinstien, is now synonymous with abuse, sexual harassment, assault, degradation and misuse of power.

Over the past month, the UK has seen a big change in the road safety laws. This week it was announced that the maximum sentences for drivers who cause death by speeding, racing or using a mobile phone was now increased from 14 years to life. This increase was also extended to those who cause death by careless driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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