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It is becoming a common problem for tenants in rented properties to suffer from mould and dampness in the property with little done by their landlord to rectify the issue. Properties in the UK can be more susceptible to dampness and mould due to the colder climate, wet weather and age of property.

The Scottish Government has recently published its response to the Consultation on the Law of Succession. The Scottish Law Commission previously reviewed the law, and made several recommendations for reform.

With Brexit on the horizon and Austerity continuing, despite what the chancellor says, businesses and local authorities continue to tighten their belts. This means workers are expected to do more for the same pay. In some sectors two jobs are becoming one and employees are expected to just “get on with it” and be grateful they have a job. It is no surprise that work related stress is on the rise. Unison’s recent report found that three quarters of Scots felt unable to deal with stress at work in the last year and one third of those had suicidal thoughts as a result. This is unacceptable. Employers and shareholders reap the benefits of cutting staff to the bare minimum and the benefits brought by technology and in doing so push staff to breaking point, and beyond.

Just over two months ago, compensatory pay outs in relation to concussive head injuries in American Football reached a high of $500million. The NFL, the sport’s governing body, accepted a settlement five years ago in which they agreed to compensate players who have become victims of degenerative brain illnesses which are believed to have been caused by head injuries sustained while playing the sport. This came after years of pressure from unions and former players arguing that the concussions they regularly suffered during their career are the direct reason long-term deteriorative conditions like dementia have become so prevalent among them and their old teammates.

Today and tomorrow a record 8000 women across Glasgow will take strike action in their continuing fight against Glasgow City Council for Equal Pay.

These women, supported by their trades unions Unison & GMB Scotland, have been fighting for equal pay for over a decade.

Woman holding a sparkler

On 5th November the skies across the country will be lit up by a series of bright and colourful firework displays. From Cartwheels to sparklers Fireworks night can be exciting for all the family. However, as fun and exciting as they are we must put safety at the forefront. Over 4,500 people visited Accident and Emergency last year in the UK as a result of a firework related injury and one third of parents and grandparents have witnessed an injury on Bonfire Night. Emergency services are pushed to the brink every year and this year Police Scotland have riot powers on standby.

When a person sustained a serious head injury, such as a traumatic brain injury (TBI), this can have a devastating impact on the person themselves and those around them. They impact can go way beyond the physical injuries as the injured party is likely to suffer psychologically as a result of their injuries with symptoms of low mood, anxiety and depression. Experts have also found that TBI can cause emotional problems, difficulties in forming and keeping memories, and controlling impulses. The individual can often become aggressive.

We have entered into a digital era where internet shopping is not only easier, it is widely accessible. Who likes rustling through large numbers of items only to not find your size or have to stand in a queue for 20 minutes to purchase one item? NOT A SINGLE PERSON. In a world where people are busy with their lives the retail companies have made shopping easier. HURRAH. (I shop a lot!) But like everything it does not come without problems.

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