Data Protection – Essential Information


Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we require to advise you that Thompsons Solicitors will collect and hold what is known under the GDPR as “personal data” relating to you.  We will use or process that data because it is necessary for us to do so for the performance of the contract which you “the data subject” have entered into with us to pursue a claim on your behalf or it is necessary for us to process that information in order to take steps at your request before entering into such a contract.  The processing may also be necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interest as “data controller” under the GDPR.

In all cases we will collect, hold and process personal data.  For examples, please click here.  In some cases we will collect, hold and process sensitive personal data.  For more information on this please click here. 

We may require to process the data and send it to various recipients, as required, in order to pursue  a legal claim for you.  If you wish more information please  click here.

It is very unlikely that any personal data we process will be transferred out with the EU except in circumstances set out on the statement here.

Data Retention – We will retain the data for the length of time that we are acting for you in the legal contract in which we have been instructed by you and for a period of ten years beyond that date.  That is because we require to retain such personal data to satisfy any enquiries or legal actions arising after the end of the claim and because we are obliged by rules set out by the Law Society of Scotland (who govern the conduct of solicitors) to retain personal data for that time.  At the end of that period we will dispose securely of all data held by us.  

Accuracy of Personal Data Held.  We obviously require the personal data held and processed by us to be as accurate as possible.  If you consider that the information we hold is not accurate in some way then please contact us immediately and we will update your personal data in accordance with our policy, the details of which can be seen here.

If you consider there is a problem with the way that we are processing your personal data you have the right to complain to an official body called the information commissioner’s office (ICO).  Their website address is




Personal Data that we will hold and process.  This is information about you such as your name, address, date of birth, gender and email address. [back to top]


Sensitive” Personal Data.  This is data coming under the definition of “special categories of personal data” in article 9 of GDPR and includes material such as medical records, medical reports and information relating to trade union membership, process such data because it will be necessary for us to do so to establish or exercise the legal claim in which we are acting on your behalf. [back to top]


Sending on Personal Data -We will not send on your personal data to anyone else unless it is necessary for us to pursue your case.  That data may require to be sent to medical experts and others acting on our instructions, to insurance companies and their lawyers and to Courts and Tribunals.  We may require to send that personal data to other legal firms to which this firm is associated with or who are carrying out work for us for them to carry out work to pursue your claim. We will endeavour to ensure that all those to whom personal data is sent, treat that data in the appropriate way required of the law as in force at the time. [back to top]


Transfer of data outside the EU - This will only occur if it is required to pursue your case, for example, in relation to an accident occurring outside the EU. [back to top]


Accuracy of Personal Data -  We will keep your personal data correct and up to date.  If any of your personal data changes you should contact us and let us know.  We will make the appropriate changes to the personal data that we hold. [back to top]


Xmas Card Design Competition Privacy Information
When entering our Xmas card competition, we ask the schools or groups submitting entries to send with each card; the child’s first name, age and the school or group they are a member of. This is to allow the entries to be published on our social media channels to determine the competition winner and to count the number of entries per school or group. Once the competition is closed and the winner selected, this personal data will be deleted within 1 month. [back to top]

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