The mining industry - work-related accidents and industrial disease

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CoalUnderground, surface or opencast – mining is a risky business whichever category of the industry you are employed in.

Mining accident at work

Accidents are common and, given the nature of the environment, can result in serious injuries and fatalities. The most common accident risks include:

  • Major rock falls - causing crush injuries, broken bones and head injuries.
  • Inrush - where water and material enters a mine unexpectedly causing drowning
  • Fire - ignition of fuels such as coal/coal dust, wood, paper, plastics etc.
  • Explosions - often as a result of ignition of fumes caused by sparks from cutting machinery. Also compression of gases and mishandling of explosives
  • Vehicles - if clear demarcation of vehicular routes is not present there can be risk of collision for workers
  • Moving machinery - contact with moving machinery such as conveyer belts and lifting equipment can cause various personal injuries
  • Hazardous substances - numerous chemicals are used in mining and related processes as well as fuels and acetylene for welding and soldering

Mining and industrial disease

Miners not only face the accident risks which can result in serious injury or death, but their industry has a high rate of industrial illness caused by the conditions in which they have to work. 
These include:

  • Pneumoconiosis - or miner's lung, which is caused by breathing in coal dust
  • Musculoskeletal disorders - caused by the hard, physical work carried out
  • Vibration white finger and hand arm vibration syndrome - caused by the use of hand-held vibrating machinery
  • Osteoarthritis - of the knee
  • Industrial deafness - caused by loud machinery and tools

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