Accidents at Work involving Forklifts

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Forklift in warehouseForklift trucks are responsible for a high number of accidents at work. Around a quarter of all workplace transport accidents involve a rider-operated lift truck, such as a forklift.

Most commonly, these accidents occur as a result of poor supervision and lack of training.

The most common types of forklift accident are:

  • Staff being hit by forklifts
  • Lift trucks overturning
  • Heavy items being dropped onto staff
  • Staff members being trapped by a forklift, particularly in rollover accidents and crush incidents

Sometimes forklift accidents occur because the forklift has not been properly maintained, but a more common factor is a lack of employee training. For this reason, even those employees who do not drive forklift trucks but work with or near them should be trained and warned of potential hazards.

The Health and Safety Executive has published an Approved Code of Practice for the use of rider-operated lift trucks and it can be downloaded from their website or accessed here. It includes information on the main legal requirements for forklift and lift truck use, plus guidance on operator training.

Workplace layout is in important

Another significant cause of forklift accidents at work is bad workplace layout. Loading bays are especially dangerous because many of the items being handled there are heavy and unwieldy. These areas are often busy, with people and machinery moving around in different, and sometimes unexpected, directions. To avoid casualties it is important that loading bays are designed to ensure the most efficient and safe working methods are possible.

Have you been involved in a forklift truck accident?

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