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Healthcare practitioners owe their patients a duty of care. If you suffer harm as a result of negligent care, you may be entitled to claim medical negligence compensation.
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Patients in Scotland's hospitals, indeed patients all over the UK, have every right to expect a reasonable standard of care from healthcare professionals. Unfortunately, however, negligence does occur, often unintentionally.

If you have suffered injury, ill-health or a worsening of an existing condition because of the actions or omissions of a health service provider, such as a doctor, nurse, surgeon or any other healthcare provider, the medical negligence solicitors at Thompsons Scotland may be able to help you claim compensation for you pain, injury, suffering, losses and expenses. We aim to obtain the maximum compensation available in every case, although the actual amount you receive will depend on the injuries you have suffered and the losses that arise from them.

Medical Products

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) aims to ensure that all medical products and devices are fit for purpose. As such, all medical items sold in Scotland must comply with the Medical Devices Regulations in order to receive the CE mark. Unfortunately, however, patients and consumers do still sometimes suffer harm as a result of faulty or unsafe products and devices. Thompsons’ personal injury solicitors have helped clients claim for faulty and defective devices including silicone breast implants, metal-on-metal hip replacements, defective blood products and vaginal mesh implants.

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Hip Replacement Compensation Claims

The NHS in Scotland carries out many thousands of hip replacements each year. Although the majority of these procedures are completed without adverse effects, some patients have been left with a legacy of unnecessary pain, suffering and reduced mobility. The medical negligence solicitors at Thompsons Scotland can help you claim compensation for negligence related to metal debris caused by a hip replacement, for tissue and bone damage, for a loose implant, or for the development of a pseudo tumour.

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Infections and Hazardous Substance Claims

If you have contracted Hepatitis C, Legionnaire’s Disease, MRSA, C-Difficile or any other infection as a result of contamination during a hospital stay, our specialist lawyers can help you achieve the compensation you deserve for any negligence on the part of the healthcare providers concerned.

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Medical Negligence

The most common examples of medical negligence are misdiagnosis of an illness, mistakes during surgery, mistakes during pregnancy and childbirth, mistakes in prescribing and administering medication. These types of claims are complex and it is essential you, or your loved one, is represented by a personal injury solicitor with experience in this field.

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Breast Implant Compensation Claims

Most breast implant operations are carried out without issue, however, if the implants used are faulty or the surgery causes infection, you may be able to claim compensation for pain, suffering and loss of income.

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Claims Process

If you have suffered pain and injury because of negligent medical treatment, our personal injury lawyers can help you understand the details of the claims process, including answering important questions such as how long the process will take, how much it will cost and whether you can claim on behalf of another party. Thompsons is one of the leading personal injury law firms in the country and has vast experience securing settlement in high value and complex claims.

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Claiming In Scotland

Thompsons Solicitors have offices in Glasgow, Dundee, Edinburgh, Peebles and Galashiels and serve clients from right across Scotland. Medical claims in Scotland can be extremely complex, so it is essential that you receive expert legal advice as soon as possible.

We are one of the largest personal injury firms in Scotland and are ideally placed to help you with your medical claim whether you are looking for advice in relation to treatment received privately, through the NHS, at a Hospital, GP surgery, dental practice or other clinical setting.

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