Amputation is the removal of a limb or body part, usually through surgery, but sometimes as a result of a trauma such as an accident.

The parts of the body most at risk of amputation are the limbs – amputation of fingers, toes, hands, feet, arms and legs are, sadly, not uncommon.  Other types of amputation are less common but do exist. These include eye amputation and tongue amputation.

As a general rule, surgical amputations are carried out only if absolutely necessary. Medics will do everything they can to avoid having to carry out surgical amputations, but sometimes there is no other option.

Traumatic amputations normally occur during a catastrophic accident – usually in a road traffic accident or in an accident at work involving dangerous machinery or on a construction site.

There is no denying that the loss of a limb can be overwhelming and devastating. Simple everyday tasks can become difficult or impossible to do, and it takes time to come to terms with the loss.

Experienced Amputation Solicitors

A specialist solicitor with experience should always be sought to deal with compensation claims involving an amputation.  Thompsons’ team of serious injury solicitors has years of experience in dealing with compensation claims involving all types of amputation and can offer the support, assistance and specialist advice that others firms cannot.

We will not only work to achieve the maximum amount of compensation for you in the shortest possible time, we will also endeavour to help and support you in rebuilding your life.

Amputation Compensation Claims

There are a number of items that could be included when making a claim for compensation following an amputation. These include:

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