Head Injury Claims

It is estimated that more than one million people in the UK attend hospital each year as a result of a head or brain injury. This works out at a rate of one hospital admission every 90 seconds. Many more brain injuries occur but are not reported.

There is no doubt that suffering a brain injury can be life-changing, often resulting in tasks that most of us take for granted becoming difficult or impossible. Indeed, with the most catastrophic of brain injuries, the injured party may lose the ability to communicate and/or carry out basic tasks independently.

Such injuries range in severity from minor bruising and concussion to more serious skull fractures and brain tissue damage causing significant cognitive impairment. Even injuries that seem minor or insignificant can cause serious symptoms such as headaches, distorted vision, personality changes, balance problems or dizziness. Furthermore, some injuries of this nature may be asymptomatic in the short-term but quickly become more serious as the effects of bleeding and swelling become manifest.

More serious brain injuries can cause long-term disability and result in a person becoming heavily dependent on family, loved ones and carers. This means that the ramifications of the injury are felt not only by the sufferer but also by close family, extended family and the wider community – they can come at a profound social, as well as financial, cost.


A breakdown of the effects of traumatic brain injury

Experienced Brain Injury Solicitors

Thompsons' team of serious injury solicitors has extensive experience in dealing with claims for compensation involving head injuries, and offer the support, guidance and specialist advice that others firms cannot. Although we are the largest and most successful personal injury firm in the country we have achieved this status without sacrificing our commitment to a personalised and sensitive service.

We aim to not only secure you the maximum amount of compensation in the shortest possible time, but also to help and support your loved one in rebuilding his or her life with as much independence and positivity as possible.

Brain Injury Compensation Claims

It is important that your claim for compensation recognises all of your specific needs. Here at Thompsons we are committed to ensuring that every possible component of your claim is included in your settlement. Compensable components may include the following:

Furthermore, where possible we will seek interim payment for your most pressing financial needs.

To find out more about the service that makes us the nation's leading personal injury firm, call us today on 0800 0891331 so that you can discuss your circumstances with one of our head injury lawyers.

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