Physical, mental or sexual abuse claims solicitors Scotland

At Thompsons Solicitors Scotland we understand that for survivors of physical, mental and sexual abuse contacting a lawyer can be a very difficult and emotional time. That’s why we have a dedicated team ready to help anyone who contacts us seeking justice. Our team of specialist solicitors are here to listen, provide advice and answer any legal questions you may have, all information will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Thompsons work in partnership with Scotland’s leading abuse charities, who are there to provide specialist counselling and a range of other support services for survivors. At Thompsons we believe this is very important as we are the only law firm in Scotland working closely with such an experienced survivor’s organisation. It means that anyone who contacts us to begin a civil claim for abuse not only gets the best legal representation but the most professional and caring support from experts in the field.

Physical, mental or sexual abuse claims may be brought against the individual abuser, the organisation responsible for the abuse or both.  Organisations responsible could include local authorities, football clubs, religious organisations, youth clubs/associations, schools, and many more.

Our lawyers will seek to obtain the maximum compensation for the pain and suffering caused by child abuse throughout the whole of the survivor’s life. That includes compensation for the physical pain as well as all of the emotional and psychological injuries and damage.  Compensation can also be awarded for any financial losses suffered such as loss of earnings, career/promotion prospects, loss of pension rights and the cost of counselling and any other private treatment.

Why Thompsons?

Survivors of abuse who have suffered terribly deserve to be treated with dignity, kindness and professionalism. Survivors want straight answers and to get the justice they deserve as quickly as possible. Thompsons Solicitors and our charity partners are dedicated to making sure this happens for all survivors.

Thompsons is a firm that puts social conscious at the heart of its work. We have represented our clients at public inquiries and have a strong track record in lobbying politicians for changes in the law to benefit clients. We continued this work with the Scottish Governments inquiry into historic sexual abuse, where we played a key role as core participant solicitors.

Our Solicitors have decades of experience dealing with the most complex and sensitive legal matters and handle all calls in the strictest confidence in an understanding and sympathetic manner.

Our Historic Abuse Lawyers

The team of lawyers who will deal with your abuse claim are led by three of Scotland’s most experienced solicitors, Patrick McGuire, Laura Connor and Lindsay Bruce. They have worked for many years on some of Scotland’s most high profile and sensitive cases. They are dedicated to helping survivors who often find themselves in terrible circumstances and who need specialist legal support. Many law firms are only interested in taking cases based on their profit margin. This is a philosophy that Patrick, Laura and Lindsay reject. They believe that survivors deserve justice and have built their reputation by working on challenging cases.

For Patrick, Laura and Lindsay the care of their clients is the top priority and this has never been more true than with abuse survivors. All three of them work very closely with Scotland’s leading abuse charities and also with the Scottish Government’s public inquiry into historic sexual abuse. They understand that many survivors have been badly let down in the past by those who said they would help them. Patrick, Laura and Lindsay are determined that this will not happen to a single abuse survivor who approaches them for help.

With offices throughout Scotland our dedicated team of specialist solicitors are here to help, guide and support you and your family throughout your claim.  Talk to Thompsons in confidence on 08000891331.

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