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The use of cookies on Thompsons Scotland website

Our website utilises cookies. They are part of the website analysis tools we use. Our aim in using these tools is to continuously improve our website and improve the user experience. We also use cookies to make social media sharing possible.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files, residing on your computer, containing information about you that can be accessed when you visit a website. Many websites use them to make websites work, or work more efficiently for the users benefit and also to give information to the owners of the site.

A cookie is not a program file. Cookies themselves cannot run anything on your computer. Cookies cannot collect information, spread viruses, or in any other way do harm to your computer. Content of cookies are read and written by the web pages you visit. Cookies are uniquely assigned to your computer and can only be read by a web server in the domain that issued the cookie to you.

Cookies used on cookies we use on for web analytics help us analyse the usage of the website which allows us to improve the website and make our services more user friendly.

The cookies we use for functionality purposes enable us to integrate social media links at the top of each page and enables sharing functions for different social networks.

We use cookies to offer our live chat service.

When you visit one of our websites, we may send you a cookie. The cookies we use on Thompsons Scotland’s website are:

Analytics Performance Cookies: We use these types of cookies to monitor our websites performance and how our users may use it. These cookies provide us with information that helps us provide better products to our users and also to identify any areas that may need maintenance.

  • __utma - This cookie is used to calculate unique visitors. The cookie expires 2 years after your last visit to the page.
  • __utmb - This cookie is used to track you current session while you are on the website. The cookie expires 30 minutes after you leave the website.
  • __utmc – This cookie is also used to track you current session while you are on the website. The cookie expires when you close your browser.
  • __utmz - This cookie is used to find the referrers for your visits to attribute your visit to the correct source. This cookie expires 6 months after your last visit to the website.

Thompsons Scotland Functional Cookies: Functional cookies are used to remember your preferences on our website. This can be anything from saving your username or assisting you whilst using our blog.

  • visitor_id – This cookie determines the ID of the visitor on the site, usually just a random number.
  • page_id – This cookie determines the page that the user is on.
  • language – This cookie determines the language used by the site.
  • blog_post_id – This cookie determines the ID of the post last visited by the user.
  • blog_cat_id – This cookie determines the ID of the category last visited by the user.
  • blog_type – This cookie determines whether the user is on a post page or a category page.

Third party cookies: When using our website you may receive third party cookies which are sent by organisations not under our control when you are visiting our website.

We use the following third party cookies for social media purposes:  

We may also use cookies which we think are suited to your needs. This is called online behavioural advertising. The aim is to provide advertisements on the websites you visit which are relevant and of potential interest to you. This happens by grouping together your interests based upon prior web browsing. Advertising is then displayed to you when you visit a website which matches these interests.

Behavioural advertising is based upon your web browsing activity over a period of time - so it's different to advertising you may see when you're looking for something online using a search engine or on the website you may be visiting at a particular time.

We cannot control nor do we have access to any cookies placed on your computer by third party advertisers.

Google who generate most of these cookies have their own privacy policy at

How do I remove cookies?

If you decide you don’t want to receive cookies, you can change settings on your web-browser such that it either tells you when cookies are sent to your computer or you can block cookies completely.

If you wish to go back and delete old cookies you can also do this.

If you wish to change your cookie settings use the Help function within your browser. In addition, is a very useful resource.

Why do you need to know about cookies?

This information is on our website because of the EU Cookie Law.

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