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Christie Wishart
Crime and Professional Support
Miscellaneous Information

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About Christie

Having just graduated from Strathclyde University, Christie has started her traineeship with us. Christie has attended courts at all levels across Scotland in both an employment and a criminal capacity. 

While at Strathclyde, Christie was a member of the Law Clinic and frequently attended Initial Advice Clinics providing those who need it, quick and free access to legal advice. Outside of this, Christie worked with a law firm as a student in order to gain experience in a workplace setting. This has allowed her to attend courts, state hospitals and prisons, while building her knowledge.

When taking on a case, clear communication and support are two core values Christie always aims to achieve.


Christie’s passions include access to justice, public law and protecting the right to a fair trial. Her dissertation was on the legality of the Syrian war in a post-Chilcot enquiry era and the implications for the Syrian people.

Christie views the law as a tool for change, utilising it to protect minorities and marginalised people. She strongly believes in the power of trade unions and their ability achieve collective good.

What Clients Say About Christie

This is to express my profound appreciation to you for all your support during my case.   I cannot quantify the positive effects of your soothing words, your patience with me and your professionalism ever since you came on the case earlier this year... I felt highly encouraged and truly supported by you...And these will remain with me for life. F Adejumo


Law and Business, BA (Honours) – University of the West of Scotland (2019)

LLB (Graduate Entry) – University of Strathclyde (2021)

Diploma in Professional Legal Practice – University of Strathclyde (2022)

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