Tram track cycling accident claims

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Sherrie Paterson,
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Personal injury lawyers believe there is no doubt that city and town centre tram tracks present a real and considerable danger to the health and safety of cyclists, with cycling accidents on the tram tracks a feature of every single tram network in the UK.

Edinburgh is just one example of this. Ever since the first phase of tram works started in the capital in 2009, countless people – perhaps even hundreds – have sustained serious personal injuries tram track cycling accidents, with six sustaining injury in the first week alone.

Sadly, Edinburgh City Council has not been efficient or realistic in dealing with the problem. It has consistently denied liability for tram track cycling accident claims while there have also been concerns regarding the council's record-keeping, with some injured cyclists claiming that details of their accidents have not been logged in a timely way.

Furthermore, many have voiced their worries that the council's official safety advice could actually increase the risk of cyclists sustaining injury. For example, in 2015 signage in the capital's West End advised cyclists to ride between two tram lines – something experienced riders argue is clearly hazardous.

To the legal eye it is a situation which has all the ingredients for negligence and any cyclist who sustains personal injury as a result of an accident involving the tram tracks should contact a solicitor for advice in relation to their possible right to compensation.

Edinburgh "no longer safe for cyclists"

As one experienced cyclist who suffered a broken collar bone as a result of her bicycle wheel becoming caught between the tram tracks told Thompsons, "I have commuted to work in Edinburgh by bike for 20 years and have never experienced a danger like this in the city.

Edinburgh is no longer safe for cyclists - people are getting seriously injured and the Council needs to resolve the situation before someone is killed."

Tram track cycling accident claims

Thompsons is one of Scotland's leading personal injury firms and we have worked extensively to help victims of tram track accidents.

We have been campaigning for improved tram safety for a long time and are prepared to fight for your case and to prove negligence on the part of the council so that you can receive the fullest possible compensation for your injuries.

Call us today on 0800 0891331 for no win no fee help and advice.

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