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Every eight hours, someone in the UK will suffer a spinal cord injury.

Suffering such an injury is a devastating blow, one that will change your life forever.

There are varying degrees of spinal injury, depending on the severity of the damage, and the part of the cord affected. In the worst-case scenario, a spinal cord injury can result in total paralysis or quadriplegia. Around 15 people per million in the UK are thought to be affected as a result of traumatic spinal cord injury. Around 50% of these are cervical spine (neck) injuries, and most are “incomplete injuries” whereby the victim retains some feeling below the site of the injury. This means that, with the right treatment and rehabilitation there is considerable potential for neurological improvement.

Motorcyclists are at risk

Most spinal injuries are caused by road traffic accidents (38%) and falls (30%), but motorcyclists are particularly at risk because of their unique vulnerability on the road and the lack of protection available to them during an impact.

The following statistics (taken from Robertson, A., et. al: Spinal Injuries in Motorcycle Crashes: Patterns and Outcomes: Journal of Trauma) demonstrate just how serious the motorcycle crash spinal injury risk is:

  • Spinal injuries account for 11% of severe motorcycle injuries
  • 27% of these severe injuries are cervical injuries
  • 1-5% of less severe motorcycling injuries are spinal injuries
  • 60% of vertebral injuries resulting in death are cervical injuries

Risk of Spinal Injury in a Motorcycle Accident

11%Spinal injuries account for 11% of severe motorcycle injuries.
27%of these severe injuries are cervical injuries.
1-5%of less severe motorcycling injuries are spinal injuries.
60%of vertebral injuries resulting in death are cervical injuries.

The Thompsons difference

If you or one of your loved ones have been unlucky enough to suffer a spinal injury as a result of a motorbike accident that was caused by the negligent actions of another party, you might be entitled to claim compensation for the injury and the losses you have suffered.

You will also want to make sure that you receive the best possible care and support in the future.

We offer a holistic service and can help you achieve this by working with the insurance companies involved to ensure that private rehabilitative care is made available as quickly as possible, and to help you make alterations to your home, or find alternative housing, if required.

Thompsons’ spinal injury lawyers are experienced in all aspects of personal injury law. They know that spinal injury cases are sensitive and complicated. They know that a sympathetic but practical approach is required. They are absolutely determined to achieve the best result for you, in the quickest possible time.

If you would like advice on making a compensation claim for a spinal injury, give us a call on 0800 089 1331 or complete the form below. Our motorcycle compensation claim solicitors will ring you back, and talk through the options with you, including our No Win No Fee agreement which ensures that claimants incur no financial risk at all in the event that they do not win their case.

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