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Sherrie Paterson,
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Lower back injuries are quite common in road traffic accidents – particularly where significant forces are involved.

The impact of the accident can stretch and strain the soft tissues of the back and spine as well as those in the neck. Tendons and/or ligaments can be torn and ruptured by the force of an accident.

These injuries, known as lumbar strain and lumbar sprain, can result in pain on movement, muscle spasms and general lower back ache, which may extend to the buttocks.

These types of injuries are both painful and debilitating. The symptoms can last anywhere from weeks to years and can, on occasion, be permanent. Depending upon the circumstances of the accident and the age and previous health of the person involved in the accident, disc damage can also occur.

An all too common affliction

According to the University of North Carolina, 70 percent of people who visit accident and emergency following a car accident still feel pain six weeks after the event; with neck pain, upper back pain and lower back pain the most commonly reported complaints.

Those with severe spinal injuries – such as spinal cord or nerve root damage – are compensable with amounts of up to £140,000 (excluding sums for medical expenses, lost earnings and adapted living) – while those with more minor injuries – such as those who recover without surgery within a few months – are usually compensable with sums of around £2,500.

Claim compensation with the country's leading firm

Thompsons is Scotland's leading personal injury firm and can help you secure compensation if you have sustained a lower back injury in a road accident. It is possible to make a claim even in cases where the accident was partly your responsibility, provided, of course, that someone else also shares the blame – for more information regarding your possible right to claim click here.

For more information, call us on 0800 0891331 and take your first steps towards compensation.

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