Trams Colliding with Other Vehicles

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Trams run on rails, which means that they cannot swerve to avoid accidents. This in turn means that, without stringent safety and accident avoidance measures, they will sometimes collide with other vehicles.

Tram accidents on the rise

According to the Office of Rail and Road (ORR), during 2014-2015 the number of non-mainline accidents in the UK rose from 24 to 110, although this rise was partly "because of improved reporting in the tramway" in line with new RIDDOR regulations.

It also reflected increased tramway usage caused by the extension of the Manchester Metrolink, a development which ORR said "increased the likelihood of tram-road vehicle collisions".

Recent examples

In August 2014 there was a collision between a tram and a bus in Edinburgh's West End. Luckily no one was injured, but similar accidents can easily result in those involved suffering more serious consequences.

For example, in February 2016 a cyclist in Manchester was killed as a result of a collision with a Metrolink tram. Peter Cushing, director of Transport for Greater Manchester's Metrolink, said his organisation would launch a "thorough operational investigation".

Another relatively recent tram accident occurred in Dublin 2009 and resulted in 21 people being taken to hospital following a collision between a tram and a bus. Another Dublin tram accident, this time in April 2014, resulted in the death of a pedestrian.

Collisions such as these also often result in injuries to the passengers inside the tram – largely because they are thrown about by the impact of the accident – and they, just like injured parties in other vehicles involved, have a right to claim compensation for their injuries.

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If you have been injured in an accident involving a tram and think that you may have a claim for compensation it will help to have expert advice from a personal injury claims lawyer who understands the issues particular to tram accidents.

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