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LadderFalls from height are one of the most common sources of workplace injury in the UK, with some involved in this type of incident even suffering life-changing neck or spinal injuries. In fact, falls from height are responsible for more fatal injuries than any other workplace accident type in the UK.

The Work at Height Regulations 2005

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 are a response to the need to protect employees in the workplace and to ensure that employers have clear legal responsibilities.

Under the Regulations all types of working at height, including work that takes place below ground level, are covered. This means that all at-risk workers are protected, from those working on scaffolds or MVPs to those using footstools. Furthermore, the regulations also provide protection to those at risk of being struck by a falling object.

The regulations seek to ensure that employers provide appropriate health and safety training to all relevant workers, and that only those staff who are competent to carry out work at height should do so. Employees must adhere to safety training and any safe working systems put in place by their employer or they could be held accountable in any personal injury accident which occurs as a result of their action or inaction.

Where possible, employers should always seek to find an alternative to working at height.


Ladder accidents are one of the single largest causes of fall from height injuries. Under the Work at Height Regulations the following must be ensured when working with ladders:

  • Ladders must be position at a 75 degree angle
  • Ladders should not be used for longer than half an hour
  • Ladders should be secured

Employees have a duty to ensure they safeguard their colleagues and any members of the public nearby when working on a ladder.

Employees should report any hazards they notice in their workplace to their employer as soon as possible. They should also follow all health and safety policies put in place by their employer and use all safety equipment provided to them.

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