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I was sad to read that last weekend there were 6 fatalities and over 10 people injured as a result of road traffic accidents in Scotland.

Driving can be a dangerous every day activity and sadly I hear about hundreds of crashes on the roads every week. 

There are more vehicles on our roads than ever these days and as a result there are more and more road traffic accidents occurring every day!  Unfortunately road traffic accidents happen and it has been estimated that 1 in 3 people who die as a result of injuries sustained in a road traffic accident are not wearing a seatbelt.

I was surfing the internet recently and came across statistics which to my astonishment show that crash-for-cash scams in which drivers deliberately cause crashes to claim insurance are on the rise. The Insurance Fraud Bureau reported that 30,000 of these types of accidents occur each year and that the average claim received is £17,000.

Some people have jobs where the risk of having an accident or contracting an industrial disease are minimal, however there are other jobs that are more susceptible to accidents and industrial disease and employers and employees should be made aware of the risks.

You would think if you put your car into a garage to be repaired the repairs would be carried out and your car would be safe to drive, however that does not always seem to be the case!

I was very concerned when reading a recent report which found that 87 % of garages either missed or ignored problems which could cause road traffic accidents.  People lives are being put at risk because many garages miss or choose to ignore dangerous faults.

Children’s injuries are a very common occurrence of Emergency Departments in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Research shows that safety devices, such as helmets and seatbelts, are being ignored in many cases.

Every day me and  my friends at Thompsons Solicitors work hard to help improve Health and Safety for workers and members of the public.  I was pleased to see that Argyll and Bute Council have been fined £20,000 after the death of a pensioner who died after accidentally driving his car off the edge of a pier.  After the car accident the car sadly plunged into the sea.

Victims of pleural plaques developed as a result of exposure to asbestos in England and Wales are now eligible to claim £5000 compensation from the government, providing any previous compensation claims they have made have not been resolved.

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