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Positively recent statistics have revealed that there has been a decrease in the number of fatal accidents at work in the UK over the last year.

Thompsons are advocates for safer workplaces and work hard with employers, families and the Health and Safety Executive both in terms of claiming compensation for victims as well as improving safety.

When I was a young plasticine boy I remember enjoying my Granny Thometta Thompson singing in the kitchen as she baked.  I thought she was probably the best singing pensioner in the world.

My opinion was changed last night in a moment of melodic, amusing genius.  Janey Cutler from Wishaw wowed me, the judges and commanded a standing ovation from the crowd while singing Shirley Bassey’s ‘This is my Life’ on the Britain’s got talent semi-final.

As most of us are looking forward to watching the world cup, I know I certainly am!!  I thought I would bring to your attention that issues could arise for employers and employees if there is an increase in absentee levels in the month to come with the FIFA World Cup starting on Friday the 11th of June.

The UK and most other countries are signatories to The Montreal Convention which sets international standards and limits for what compensation can be claimed from airlines.  The convention relates to personal injury, breach of contract, loss of luggage and most other forms of compensation relating to mistakes and accidents that can and do happen to air travellers.

Maclaren the company famous for Formula 1 cars and ……….child’s buggies – have announced that they are to offer compensation to the parents of 40 UK children whose fingers were injured (in some cases severely) in the hinges of its folding pushchairs.

Maclaren have refused to admit liability but have begun to make compensation settlement payments, ranging between £2500 to £10,000.  The money is to be held in trust until the child is 18.

A Fatal Accident Inquiry in Lanarkshire has criticised the Scottish Ambulance Service for their delay in getting a man injured by the falling bucket of a JCB to hospital.

61 year old former fireman Andrew Andrews died 8 minutes before the ambulance carrying him arrived at  Wishaw General Hospital – some 70 minutes after it had initially been summoned.

David Watson, a driver for Perth council, is suing his employer for compensation over a run in with a wheelie bin.

The compensation is sought in regard to a broken wrist he sustained while trying to deliver the wheelie bin from the back of his van.    The problem seemed to have occurred when he was unable to stop the weight falling on him due to problems with the bins wheels.

With all the talk of cutting public spending in the wake of the election the last thing we wanted to hear is that NHS workers have been defrauding the tax payer.

Unfortunately Joanne Jamieson, an administrative assistant at Stobhill admitted pocketing over £40,000 by doctoring (excuse the pun) her timesheets. 
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