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This will be the place to find all breaking news and updates from Thompsons and personal injury litigation in general.

When they are using their own tools and have accidents the scope to claim compensation for injury is greatly decreased.  Even more so for those tinkering in a bit of DIY and inexperienced using power tools.

However, if the machinery is inherently faulty then compensation may be an option from the manufacturer or seller of the faulty equipment.  Provided it has not been previously broken or altered by the customer.

The Scottish legal system is in a state of flux at the moment with a number of changes under discussion which could radically affect your freedom to go to court to settle a dispute, a grievance, or to defend your rights.

The most worrying, and arguably the one the man in the street knows least about, is a proposal to make you and I bear the total cost of our civil court system.

One of the side effects of the recession is that workers feel so insecure about their employment prospects that many of them are reluctant to report accidents at work, industrial or otherwise.

I increasingly hear stories of workers being left injured, scarred or disabled to some extent by accidents that have happened over the last few years, as the economy slowed and workplace safety lost priority.

Just the other week a large company in the West of Scotland closed its doors and turned its back on its employees.  Very little was known by its workers until the last minute. Indeed many turned up only to be faced with locked gates and doors.

Employment law protects workers’ rights, and when a company is wound up in normal circumstances the staff should be consulted and they have a right to redundancy pay.

Occasionally the media bend the idea of raising personal injury claims into something seedy.  The tag line “compensation culture” is banded about and Solicitors are vilified for the part they play.

One such example is the case of Gillian Chapmen.  Gillian’s husband died of mesothelioma, a terminable cancer occurring from exposure to asbestos.

Much of my work in obtaining compensation for victims centres around those with diseases, be it industrial, hospital associated or blood-borne.

One of my longer term campaigns is for those who were contaminated with Hepatitis C through defective blood products while in hospital. 

I don’t get much time for TV but when I do I love a chat show.  My favourite was Michael Parkinson, a real old-fashioned gent and excellent journalist.  It hasn’t been the same since he has been gone – Jonathon Ross and Pierce Morgan couldn’t lace his boots!

It saddened me last year when Sir. Michael was accused by the Daily Mail of lying in his autobiography when he said he had a happy and harmonious upbringing.  The Mail also accused Parkinson of acting in a “grossly insensitive” way to hi Uncle, Bernard Parkinson.

It’s that time of year when the financial cobwebs of Christmas are being blown away and the pennies are counted and stacked with a view to booking a summer holiday.

Last year, more than any year in the recent past, would-be holiday makers had their plans ruined as firms such as Zoom Airlines, XL Airlines and FlyGlobespan went bust, stranding passengers around the globe and leaving thousands out of pocket.
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