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I was moved to tears this week watching footage of the 33 miners who had been trapped underground for 69 days being reunited with their loved ones, their liberty and their country. As someone who deals in health and safety law I was heartened to hear the president of Chile claim that he would launch an investigation in to the  health and safety within the mining industry while giving an  undertaking to stamp out the inhuman working conditions.

Thousands of people suffer from injuries in car accidents in the UK every year. This is due to numerous reasons and knowing how to act when using hard shoulder can help you prevent one of the car accident causes.

A hard shoulder (also known as breakdown lane and emergency lane) is a term used for the area that is reserved on the side of a motorway or a road and is usually kept clear at all times. This is so that in the unfortunate case of breaking down or any other kind of emergency, a driver can pull into the hard shoulder to get out of the traffic flow.  Also, emergency vehicles, such as ambulances and police cars often use the hard shoulder to avoid any traffic congestions. Unfortunately, ‘hard shoulder car accidents’ occur quite frequently, so it is important to remember a few guidelines to keep you safe and avoid a car accident.

Anyone who has ever experienced a serious back problem will be able to tell you how excruciating the back pain can be, how it can affect your mobility, work abilities and how considerabily it can reduce the quality of your life.

Around 80% of the population in UK experience some form of back injury during their lifetime. They vary in severity and cause, of course, yet all are serious and costly to NHS.

Four years on from the explosion of an RAF Nimrod over Afghanistan that was shown to have been “never airworthy” , the families of the victims secured £15million in civil compensation.

The compensation was paid to family members of the 14 crew who died due to the faulty plane they were being carried in.  Wives and girlfriends received compensation payments of £800,000 for their loss, with other family members receiving compensation payments at more meagre levels.

Every year around 30 million vehicles travel in Britain and around 10,000 accidents are reported every day. Even though these include minor scrapes, bumps etc, it is still a worrying number and suggests people are not taking all necessary precautions they would be obliged to take.

Car accidents vary considerably in there outcome and severity of injuries it may cause to the people involved in the accident. However, car accidents are not always just about the injuries, being involved in a car accident can easily mean getting involved in a financial disaster as well.

Continuing on my ‘no win no fee compensation’ blogging sabbatical I want to again talk about Politics and Achievements.

As I mentioned last week, my big mate Frank Maguire, Senior Partner here at Thompsons won Solicitor of the Year for 2010.

I was astonished this week to read in the news that there was a lorry driver travelling in his lorry, with a laptop and DVD player mounted on his dashboard. Incredible as it may seem, but he appeared to be watching a DVD as he was driving a 30 tonne vehicle. Not only that, when he was stopped by the police, it was found that there were other faults with the vehicle including an under inflated tyre.

I like toast and butter for breakfast, which is why I felt unwell when I read the story of Mr Forse who found a dead mouse in a loaf he had bought online through Tesco.

Mr Forse noticed something dark in colour in the corner of three or four slices of the loaf of bread. When he looked closer at the dark areas, he noticed fur. Mr Forse examined the loaf and found that there was a dead mouse embedded in the side of the loaf. He called the local environmental health office who immediately attended his home to collect the loaf of bread.
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