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….Is a question I will hear at least once a day.  In less serious accidents, many people wish quick and easy recompense with very little in the way of explanation or debate – this is fine.  It is, at the end of the day, their rights that have been wronged and it is they who should decide in which manner they wish to be compensated.

All car drivers and passengers are obliged to wear seat belts for their security and protection in a case of a car accident. This refers to pregnant women as well.

It is certain that by wearing a seat belt serious consequences of car accidents can be prevented, however, many pregnant women are reluctant to wear seat belts and this is fear is not completely irrational.

As a Star Wars fanatic the idea of real life ‘bounty hunters’ fascinates me, so my attention was grasped by the Government’s announcement today that they would pay compensation to professional private persons to find and capture benefit fraudsters.

In a scheme similar to crimestoppers - where if you call up and report someone who has committed a crime and if they are convicted you are given monetary compensation/reward – here, if you can catch a benefit thief for the Government then you are given compensation.  In a way it is similar to a ‘no win, no fee’ payment for professional bounty hunters!

Anyone who has suffered a personal injury as a result of a violent crime is entitled to apply to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority for compensation, however it has recently been reported that a large number of victims are failing to claim the compensation they deserve because they are unaware of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. Victims that are claiming compensation are complaining that the CICA  application is complex and they are having to wait years for their compensation!

I was pleased to see that recently a Judge has jailed 2 young drivers who caused the death of a 17 year old boy by racing their cars at 90 mph.

Young drivers are often criticised and many people don’t want them to be able to drive unsupervised.  Although you might not agree with me I can see why this might be the case.  The judge also raised questions about the “wisdom of allowing new drivers immediate, unrestricted, and unconditional driving opportunity”.

Globalisation, increasing competition and changing work organisation bring along many new challenges, such as new technologies, new work practices, haste at work, growing mobility and others. These challenges bring new risks and hazards of diseases and burdens, for example musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, industrial diseases and occupational illnesses, increased psychological stress and violence at work.

Electrician John Buchanan thought he was using his initiative to keep himself and 2 colleagues warm during last winters freeze.  Buchanan, formerly of Kean construction, was working on new-build homes as the temperatures plummeted to minus 7 degrees centigrade.

In an attempt to get some rest bite from the frostbite he went into one of the properties which had already had heating fitted and put it on.  Unfortunately, when his manager found out what he had done he dismissed him.

As someone who is in full time employment, if I was unfortunate enough to suffer a personal injury in a road traffic accident I wouldn’t qualify for Legal Aid because my income, after paying essential expenses such as my mortgage, tax and childcare, is in excess of the £25,000 threshold required to qualify for Legal Aid.

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