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It’s good to see that the Department of Work and Pensions has decided to help victims of asbestos exposure trace the insurers of their former employers, the vast majority of whom have long since ceased to exist.

These diseases, a miserable and often deadly legacy of Inverclyde’s thriving industrial past, have a long latent period which means it commonly takes decades before the full effects are known and take affect.

Me and Solicitor Greg Whyte at Thompsons currently have a number of compensation cases against TUI travel, also known as ‘First Choice Holidays’ in regard to gastroenteritis and other stomach complaints caused by bad hygiene.

I was delighted that Labour MSP Bill Butler’s Damages (Scotland) Bill has received wide cross party support.

The support of 34 MSPs has meant that it can go forward and be considered by the Scottish Government.

Medical negligence cases are always difficult and always require the help of a specialist compensation and injury Solicitor. 

It is said, somewhat satirically, in legal circles that the only straightforward Med Neg cases are those where “the wrong limb has been amputated”

A survey has revealed that £2 million in compensation has been paid to 121 LEGAL immigrants held illegally in detention centres because the Home Office wrongly suspected they were attempting to enter the UK fraudulently.

However, the true extent of compensation could be much greater as only a handful of law firms acting for immigrants were polled.

Every year I speak to many people who are injured due to falls on buses.  A bus does not drive like a car and its jerky braking and accelerating can make it a hazard for those onboard, especially those standing or still to take their seats.

Many passengers a year are injured from falls on buses and come to me to help them claim compensation and gain redress.

I have met with and continue to help soldiers, and families of soldiers injured in battle. 

Soldiers know of the risks associated with their jobs but it is my job to make sure that they are properly taken care of should they get injured.

Compensation claims against hospitals are often riddled with difficulty.  Doctors and hospital staff are, after all, only human and are trying to do their best for their patients.

With this in mind, any act of negligence needs to be pretty clear before a compensation claim can proceed.
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