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Being made from plasticine ‘leg-room’ isnt something that bothers me when on a flight, therefore when I travel around Europe taking names and making claims, I always fly on a budget airline.

It made me laugh last week when Ryanair owner, Michael O’ Leary was forced to pay compensation to Easyjet’s Stelios for portraying him as Pinocchio in a Ryanair advertising campaign.

The compensation was £50,000 for libel and was immediately donated to charity by Stelios.  The action wasn’t really about the compensation however and is simply another point scored in a long-running battle between the aviation millionaires.

The campaign libellously alleged that Easyjet fail to publish their ‘on-time performance’ as they are embarrassed about how it compares with Ryanair.   The compensation claim was the only way Easyjet could set the record straight publicly.

As long as the battle continues on price, this is one fight I am happy to see continue!

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