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In the weeks leading up to my yearly family holiday I’m rushing about making sure I’ve got everything, (passport, money, travel insurance, toiletries etc etc) working late clearing my desk for the next couple of weeks….. I just love going away on holiday to relax and enjoy the sunshine for a week or two as I suppose everyone does!  Unfortunately not everyone gets the relaxing holiday they hope for…..

Ever since I started reading about the possibility of driving an uncrashable car I have been reading about the subject with great interest and I have been asking my friends what they think.  I am happy to see any ideas which will make the roads a safer place and prevent road traffic accidents.  I think that the rate that technology is advancing is fantastic and cannot wait to see what the inventors come up with.  However some of my friends seem to think that having a car which doesn’t crash is a really bad idea!!

As I blog today my head is spinning due to the copious amounts of champagne consumed at last nights Firm Magazine Law Awards.

I wasn’t planning a big night but my plasticine plans were pleasantly distorted when Thompsons Managing Partner Frank Maguire was announced as Solicitor of the Year!!

The risk of being involved in a road traffic accident for drivers who eat at the wheel is around twice that of drivers who don’t. This is similar to the risk involved in driving while using a mobile phone.

When I heard that Volvo were trying to make an uncrashable car I thought that this sounded like something from a science fiction film. How on earth can you have a car that doesn’t crash?  Imagine if you were driving along on the motorway and your car could detect that an out of control lorry is coming your way!!  Not only that but your car could also react without any human intervention to avoid a car crash!!

Thompsons Solicitors will have a team of 25 running in the Great Scottish Run 10K in Glasgow on Sunday 5 September to raise funds for its chosen charity, Clydeside Action on Asbestos.

CAA, which was formed in 1984 to provide advice and assistance to those who suffer from asbestos related disease and their families.

I was sad to read that last weekend there were 6 fatalities and over 10 people injured as a result of road traffic accidents in Scotland.

Driving can be a dangerous every day activity and sadly I hear about hundreds of crashes on the roads every week. 

There are more vehicles on our roads than ever these days and as a result there are more and more road traffic accidents occurring every day!  Unfortunately road traffic accidents happen and it has been estimated that 1 in 3 people who die as a result of injuries sustained in a road traffic accident are not wearing a seatbelt.

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