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In January the Westminster government announced a £20 million compensation settlement for those born with deformities after their mothers took the morning sickness drug Distaval during pregnancy.

The Scottish Government has so far been silent as to whether a similar regime will be implemented through the Thalidomide Trust for Scottish victims.

£2 million in compensation has been awarded to a man in England who was left severely disabled due to problems during his birth.

28-year-old, Jonathon Khairule’s severe cerebral palsy means that he can only communicate by typing on a keyboard with his nose.

As a rotund fellow myself I was a little aggrieved to read the results of a poll by slimming world that reveals fat people are losing out on jobs because employers presume they are lazy!

Thompsons are delighted to collectively represent the families at the upcoming Public Inquiry into the C-Diff deaths at the Vale of Leven hospital, Alexandria.

Public Inquiries are a big part of our work and are often a vital stage which allows victims and their families to gain answers to questions that may have weighed on their minds for years.  We realise that answers come before compensation and that is why we aim to provide our clients with Answers first, Compensation second and lastly Closure.

Newcastle High Court has awarded a paralysed man £8.35 Million in compensation which is one of the highest ever personal injury compensation payments in the UK.  Lukasz Borowski, 27, received the compensation after being left paralysed from the neck down following a car crash in 2005. 

Clydeside Action on Asbestos, pleural plaques victims and Frank Maguire, our Senior Partner at Thompsons Solicitors all welcomed the news that the bid by insurers to block the Scottish Parliament’s new law confirming the right to compensation of victims of pleural plaques has been blocked.

The next stage of the process is now in motion as we have now raised legal proceedings against the Army and have sued them for £525,000 for the negligence that caused her death.

Negligence which arose from “numerous failures” as the Inquiry heard. 

Thanks to a successful campaign by Thompsons, together with trade unions and asbestos charities, the Damages (Asbestos Related Conditions) (Scotland) Act 2009 was passed.  This change in the law meant that victims of pleural plaques in Scotland can pursue compensation for their condition provided they contracted their disease while working for a Scottish company.

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