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Globalisation, increasing competition and changing work organisation bring along many new challenges, such as new technologies, new work practices, haste at work, growing mobility and others. These challenges bring new risks and hazards of diseases and burdens, for example musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, industrial diseases and occupational illnesses, increased psychological stress and violence at work.

In the EU 40 million individuals are affected by work related stress, which is one of the most often reported causes of illness by workers. It is often linked to workplace violence, bullying and harassment.

WHO has identified several psychosocial hazards at work place, which can cause stress and eventually cause psychological disturbances. These can be job content, workload (both overload and underload), work schedule (night shifts, unpredictable hours, long hour), responsibility, environment and equipment (poor lighting, excessive noise), organisation culture, career development and interpersonal relationship (isolation, poor relationships, interpersonal conflict, lack of social support) related issues.

Continuous exposure to work-related stress can lead to psychological disturbances and, when left unnoticed, can develop into a psychological illness.

If you have developed a psychological illness, which was caused by work related stress, please do not hesitate to contact my friends at Thompsons who will be happy to discuss the details of your claim with you. 

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