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My friends at Thompsons have helped a lot of people claim compensation for injuries and losses they have sustained as a result of harmful and deadly bacteria. Thompsons Solicitors see first hand the pain, suffering and loss that harmful bacteria like E Coli, Salmonella and Legionella can cause.

I was horrified this week to read in the news of an attack on a ten year old girl by a Japanese Akita dog causing her to suffer severe facial wounds requiring over 100 stitches.  The little girl was savagely attacked as she played in the garden of a school friend in August of this year. 

Although I love the snow and I have been building snowmen all week winter driving is very hazardous and to avoid having an accident, if you must drive in the snow and ice you should ensure that your car is properly prepared. 

Before you leave you should ensure that your tyres are correctly inflated and you should have a minimum tread of 3mm on your tyres.  This will assist with wet and slippery conditions and hopefully help avoid you crashing your car.

I don’t know about you but I am already getting sick and tired of all of this snow.  It is time for our annual family winter holiday to the sun.  Mrs Thom and I have been looking through brochures and are very excited about getting away from this dreadful weather and hitting the beaches somewhere warm and sunny.  Little Thom is also looking forward to our holiday and has already looked out the beach ball, bucket and spade to pack in the suitcase!

Like many of us I have spent the last few weeks treading gingerly along our nations pavements trying to be one of the few to avoid slipping and falling on the ice.

The ‘big freeze’ has inevitably brought with it a huge spike in road traffic accidents and has seen hospital admissions at 10 times the normal quota for this time of year.

Aberdeen Solicitor Chris Gordon warns drivers that they are legally liable for the consequences if they crash their cars through skidding on snow or ice.

The UK Department for Transport has released a forecast for post 2010 casualties. The purpose of the paper is to reduce casualties that may occur in car accidents.

The forecasting models have been updated annually, and the results have shown that the forecasting methodology is broadly reliable. The report for next 20 years generally predicts reduction in car accident casualties, both fatal and serious. It predicts that car accidents will still cause fatal casualties, but on average there is going to be one-third less than the average number of fatal casualties on 2005-2007.

Well folks it's getting to that time of year again when little Thom gets excited about building snowmen, me and Mrs Thom pretend to be fictional characters while devouring our son with presents and Granny Thom pulls on her granny-grip shoes.  Yes, winter is here and the snow has arrived a lot earlier than usual. 

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