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A personal injury claim has been won by a man from Essex after he was crushed by a falling Christmas tree in Prague.

The man was on holiday with friends in Prague when he was crushed by a 100 foot tree at a Christmas market in the town square. The accident left him with life threatening injuries to his head, upper body and legs.  He was unable to walk for months after the accident and now requires the use of a walking stick.

Repetitive driving injury is a condition that is caused by a poor driving posture which can lead to serious long term muscle, joint and spinal injuries. Repetitive driving injury may include foot cramps, lumbar pain, stiff neck, side ache, and headache as well as eye strain.

Luckily I know how to adjust my car seat correctly and don't need to worry about  suffering from a repetitive driving injury but many drivers are not sure how to adjust their seat and therefore suffer from sitting uncomfortably during their journey. Often, the discomfort is relatively mild, so drivers choose to ignore it and eventually get used to it. The problem with this is that, apart from chronic pain that this may bring in long term, it can also weaken the neck muscles and in a case of a car accident whiplash injury is more likely to occur.

I have been following the story about the toxic sofas for sometime now and I felt bad for all the people who were injured but thought they would not get compensation as Land of Leather went bust.  Around 412 customers thought that they would lose out on obtaining compensation but now the company’s insurers have agreed to pay out compensation.

It may be a challenge for a cyclist to survive on the road when commuting daily, especially if you live in a big city with busy traffic. In order to avoid a hazardous and potentially fatal bicycle accident a few steps can be followed.

Firstly, remember that the cars and trucks, as well as motorcycles are bigger than you. They are aware of this, too, and may try to abuse it, in which case, as much as you would want to stand your ground, it is better to give way to them.

One of the things that I love about all of this snow that we have been having is that it allows all of the family to take a trip up north to go skiing.  The three of us love to drive up to Glenshee at the weekend and spend a day out on the slopes. 

Although skiing and snowboarding are great fun activities over the winter months, they can be very dangerous and can result in serious injury.

My friends at Thompsons have been helping people who have asbestos related diseases for many years.  Many people think that asbestos exposure is an old problem as there are many rules and regulations in place to ensure that workers and members of the public are not exposed to such dangerous substances.   Unfortunately that is not the case and I was shocked to see that a tradesman and a 17 year –old trainee employed by outside contractors were installing CCTV cameras at the Recreation Centre at Aston University last July when they drilled into material containing asbestos.

I was interested to read that a company owned by former Rangers Chairman, Sir David Murray, were recently fined £50,000 after an employee suffered a personal injury.

Fifty year old Iain Sutherland was left with a broken right forearm and finger after the accident at Forth Steel Limited at South Gyle Crescent, Edinburgh.

It is like something out of a disaster movie - offshore workers exposed to nuclear radiation.

But this is exactly what happened on a platform operated by Schlumberger Oilfield UK, who yesterday plead guilty to breaches of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and were ordered to pay a £300,000 fine at Aberdeen Sheriff Court.
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