Pregnancy & Maternity Discrimination Claims

Having a baby should be a happy experience. However, for some it can turn into a stressful time due to problems at work.  Even though there are laws in place giving protection to pregnant women and women on maternity leave, some employers will still make things difficult.

Pregnant women and women on maternity leave have rights. Your employer cannot dismiss or treat you unfairly you because you are pregnant.

The laws that protect you

  • Equality Act 2010 which outlaws discrimination against employees because of the “protected characteristic” of pregnancy and maternity during the “protected period”.
  • Employment Rights Act 1996 which sets out rights to health and safety, time off for ante-natal care, maternity leave and unfair dismissal.
  • Maternity and Parental Leave etc Regulations 1999 which set out a woman’s entitlement to maternity leave and the notification requirements.
  • European law including the Pregnant Workers Directive and the recast Equal Treatment Directive which provide pregnant women or women on maternity leave with protected status.

Common reasons for pregnancy discrimination

If you feel you are now being treated differently by your employer due to your pregnancy then you should seek advice.  Undernoted are examples of the types of problems clients have raised with us since advising their employers they were pregnant:

  • excluded from training and by passed for promotion;
  • advised that sick days resulted in disciplinary action;
  • made redundant based on their pregnancy;
  • hours reduced without their agreement;
  • suddenly “under-performing” in their duties;
  • not being allowed to return to work following their maternity leave.

Our lawyers deal with pregnancy and maternity discrimination claims on a daily basis and have the knowledge to help you proceed with an unfair dismissal or discrimination claim against your employers.   We are the leading law firm in Scotland representing employees who have been discriminated against. We never represent employers.

Talk to Thompsons Discrimination Lawyers

If you think you are being mistreated at work and are thinking about making a claim against your employer, it helps to chat things through with someone who has the knowledge and experience to guide and advise you on the best way forward.

We are a multi award winning law firm with a specialist team of employment lawyers who are experts in advising people on discrimination claims.

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