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More and more people are turning to Thompsons so that we can help them make a diesel emissions claim against Peugeot and many other car makers. If you owned or leased a Peugeot diesel vehicle between 2009 and 2020 you could join them and seek compensation.

To find out if your vehicle is eligible, check the registration number by clicking the button below.

Peugeot diesel vehicle claims

Questions are currently being asked about the validity of emissions claims made by Peugeot relating to a number of their diesel models.

It is alleged that many automotive companies, including Peugeot, manipulated the results of standardised emissions tests by using "defeat devices", also known as cheat devices, which enabled engines to manipulate the way they ran during testing and thereby reduce the amount of pollutants, including NOx, that were released in exhaust gases.

What this ultimately means is that motor manufacturers, and potentially Peugeot, were seen to be upholding regulations on emissions and were able to market their cars as less polluting.

However, in real-world driving conditions, the cheat devices turned off and the engines emitted much higher levels of pollutants.

Dieselgate allegations for Peugeot

When the first allegations against VW emerged in 2015, it was hoped that it might be an isolated incident. However, as "Dieselgate" allegations and investigations moved forward, many governments started investigating other car makers to establish whether the issue went further afield.

Now, it's believed that the use of defeat devices and sophisticated software that could cheat the system was endemic across the motor manufacturing sector.

In 2016, PSA, the parent group of Peugeot, came under scrutiny by the French consumer Watchdog DGCCRF following the seizure of documents that implicated them in the diesel emissions scandal.

It is believed that around 1.9 million PSA Euro 5 engines in the group's vehicles might have been fitted with emissions-defeating technology.

In 2021, French Authorities formally charged the new parent group owner of Peugeot, Stellantis, with consumer fraud and a figure of 30 million Euros was sought to guarantee compensation payments for affected owners of Peugeot diesel cars and vans.

Peugeot has denied any wrongdoing and a statement was issued by Stellantis saying, that Peugeot and the group's manufacturers, "firmly believe" that the emission control systems fitted in their vehicles met "all applicable requirements" at the time.

We feel certain that they will be found to have misled customers and that consumer laws will provide protection in the form of compensation.

Start your Peugeot diesel emissions claim today

Find out if you could make a diesel emissions claim for your Peugeot car or van by using our Registration Checker tool. All you need is the GB registration number of your Peugeot vehicle and an approximate date on which you owned, leased or financed it.

We will tell you immediately whether your vehicle is eligible and if it is, we will guide you through the claim process.

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