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GDPR Breach Compensation in Scotland

GDPR Breaches

Did you know you are entitled to compensation if you’ve suffered a breach of your data? Organisations have a legal duty to securely store and process information held on you, however all too often negligent practices result in your details being disclosed. This can have a devastating effect on the victim when their personal information has been exposed.

In today's digital age, the importance of safeguarding personal data is vital. Data breach compensation is a crucial aspect of protecting individuals' rights and holding organisations accountable for their handling of sensitive information. Data breach compensation in Scotland follows similar principles to those outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring that individuals are fairly compensated for any harm or distress caused by breaches of their personal data.

At Thompson’s, we believe it is essential for individuals to be aware of their rights regarding data protection and to take action if those rights are infringed upon. By pursuing data breach compensation, individuals not only hold negligent organisations accountable but also contribute to the broader effort of promoting data security and privacy.

Existing data breach claims:


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At Thompsons Solicitors Scotland, we understand the gravity of data breaches and the profound impact they can have on individuals and businesses. That's why we're committed to seeking justice and ensuring fair data breach compensation for those affected by such incidents.

Thompsons Solicitors Scotland is raising class action lawsuits to enable thousands of affected customers and employees to claim their money, as swiftly and easily as possible. 

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  • Atlas Masters Trust – Capita Data Breach
  • BAE Systems – Capita Data Breach
  • BCSSS (British Coal Staff Superannuation Scheme) - Capita Data Breach
  • Berendsen UK (DB) Retirement Benefits Scheme - Capita Data Breach
  • Canon – Capita Data Breach
  • Capita Pension and Life Assurance Scheme - Capita Data Breach
  • Capita Public Service - Capita Data Breach
  • Clydesdale & Yorkshire Bank Pension – Capita Data Breach
  • Conoco Phillips Pension Plan – Capita Data Breach
  • Delta Pension Plan - Capita Data Breach
  • Diageo – Capita Data Breach
  • Direct Line Group – Capita Data Breach
  • Dow UK Pension Plan - Capita Data Breach
  • EAPF - Capita Data Breach
  • Flint Ink (UK) Pension Scheme - Capita Data Breach
  • G4S - Capita Data Breach
  • GXO Logistics Pension Scheme - Capita Data Breach
  • Halcrow No.2 Pension Scheme - Capita Data Breach
  • Hanson Pension Scheme – Capita Data Breach
  • IMS (UK) - Capita Data Breach
  • M&S Pension - Capita Data breach
  • MRSP - Capita Data Breach
  • Magnet Pension Scheme - Capita Data Breach
  • Michelin Pension Scheme – Capita Data Breach
  • Mineworkers' Pension Scheme- Capita Data Breach
  • National Concessionary Fuel Scheme - Capita Data Breach
  • O2 – Captia Data Breach
  • Other - Capita Data Breach
  • Pfizer Pension Scheme – Capita Data Breach
  • Phoenix Life Pension Scheme - Capita Data Breach
  • Rothesay Pension Scheme – Capita Data Breach
  • Safeway Pension Scheme (SPS) - Capita Data Breach
  • Scottish Fire Service Pension Scheme - Capita Data Breach
  • Scottish Power Pension – Capita Data Breach
  • Scottish and Newcastle – Capita Data Breach
  • Sopra Steria – Capita Data Breach
  • USS – Capita Data Breach
  • Unipart Group - Capita Data Breach
  • VPM - Kymmene UK Pension Scheme - Capita Data Breach
  • Wincanton PLC Pension Scheme - Capita Data Breach
  • AON - MoveIT Data Breach
  • CSS/DVLA - MoveIT Data Breach
  • Cabot Financial – MoveIT Data Breach
  • PRA Group – MoveIT Data Breach
  • Piriform CCleaner - MoveIT Data Breach
  • Volkswagen Financial Services – MoveIT Data Breach
  • AVON – Zellis Payroll
  • BBC Data Breach – Zellis Payroll
  • Boots Data Breach – Zellis Payroll
  • British Airways Data Breach – Zellis Payroll
  • DHL Data Breach – Zellis Payroll
  • Leonardo - Zellis Payroll
  • Other - Zellis Payroll
  • AON – Other
  • DPD - AON Data Breach
  • Alexander Dennis - Data Breach
  • Arnold Clark - Data Breach
  • Best Connection Group - Data Breach
  • Currys Creation Finance - Data Breach
  • JD Sports - Data Breach
  • MOD - Data Breach
  • NHS Lothian – Data Breach
  • Other data breach
  • Samsung SE UK – Other Data Breach
  • South Lanarkshire - Data Breach
  • Tayview Medical Practice – Other Data Breach
  • University of the West of Scotland - Data Breach
  • easyJet - Data Breach


Data Breach Claims: Class actions 

Not only did Thompsons Solicitors raise Scotland’s first ever class action (Group Proceedings), they are raising Scotland’s first ever data breach class action against Easyjet.

Distress only claims

If you have suffered a breach but with no measurable loss, you are still entitled to data breach claims for distress only. Awards for distress only may be lower unless significant personal information has been compromised. Significant breaches can attach very high pay-outs.

Distress & loss

If you have suffered a breach together with a measurable loss you are entitled to claim compensation for both. The loss could be financial if your financial information has been compromised, or injury if the information compromised is so sensitive that the breach has caused you subsequent psychological harm.

When it comes to data breach compensation, if you have suffered distress, financial harm, ill-health, or a worsening of an existing condition because of the actions or omissions of an organisation, our specialist data breach department could be able to help you to obtain redress.

Types of breaches

Thompsons have successfully achieved data breach compensation for their clients, in a number of cases involving a wide range of different be cases involving a wide range of different types of information, including:

  • Social work records
  • Medical records
  • Personal photographs, films and videos
  • Personal address and telephone details
  • Employment information
  • Financial information

The types of data breach compensation we work on include, but are not limited to:

  • Arnold Clark data breach
  • South Lanarkshire data breach
  • Capita data breach 
  • Zellis data breach 
  • Alexander Dennis data breach
  • M&S data breach 
  • Easyjet data breach 
  • JD Sports data breach 
  • DHL data breach 
  • USS data breach 
  • Samsung data breach 
  • Atlas Master Trust data breach

Experienced Data Breach Solicitors

Thompsons will always fight to obtain the maximum compensation available in your case, and awards will be calculated on the distress, injury, and losses that arise, and how long you suffered these for.

Our team of specialist solicitors are here to listen, provide advice, and answer any legal questions you may have. All information will be dealt with in the strictest confidence and with the utmost sensitivity.

To find out more, Talk to Thompsons today. Give us a call and talk things through with one of our specialised GDPR lawyers.

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