Claims for Injuries Sustained in Accidents in Public Places

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We all deserve to feel safe while going about the business of our lives. As such, if you have suffered personal injury as a result of an accident in a public place in Scotland, you may be able to claim compensation from the party who is responsible for the incident.

Whether you have suffered a head or spinal injury, broken bones, bruising, torn muscles or damaged ligaments, the personal injury solicitors at Thompsons can help you ensure that you achieve your legal right to compensation.

Types of public place accident

For the purposes of a compensation claim a public place is generally considered to be one that is accessible to everyone. This includes local authority spaces such as public parks, squares, pavements, libraries, beaches and government buildings.

Most businesses are open to the public and are therefore legally required to have public liability insurance in place, so premises such as shopping centres, supermarkets and shops may also constitute a public space.

As such, if you have suffered an accident in any of the following settings, you may be able to claim compensation from the party who is responsible for your injuries if they were in some way at fault:

  • A shopping centre, supermarket or shop
  • A pub, bar, café, restaurant or nightclub
  • A gym, sports club, swimming pool or leisure facility
  • A nursery, school, college, university or adult education centre
  • A park or other local authority public space
  • A car park
  • An office
  • A private road
  • A private residence

Furthermore, Thompsons' public accident injury solicitors have the expertise and experience necessary to help with the following types of accident:

  • Injuries caused by objects falling from scaffolding or masonry
  • Scald and burn injuries caused by hot substances
  • Electrical or burn injuries caused by un-signposted live wires
  • Injuries caused by falls or mishaps on unsafe steps or staircases
  • Lift and escalator injuries
  • Slip and trip injuries on wet, icy or defective surfaces

Accidents in public spaces – the claims process

Thompsons Solicitors has offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Peebles, Galashiels, Dumfries and Dundee and can represent clients from all over Scotland. Simply get in touch with us explaining the circumstances of your injuries and we can arrange a time and/or a place to discuss the circumstances.

If our personal injury solicitors decide there is a good chance that your claim will be successful, we will intimate the claim by sending the details of your accident and injuries to the party we believe to be liable. In many cases, a swift settlement can be arranged at this stage, while in others further negotiation and possible court litigation may be required.

Claims of this nature are not usually paid out of the pocket of the defender i.e the business owner or organisation, but by their public liability or other insurance company.

It is important to seek legal advice before agreeing to settle a public accident injury claim directly with an insurer. In many cases, the value of an early settlement can be significantly lower than the compensation sum you are entitled to. Our personal injury team can ensure you receive the fullest amount possible in relation to your injuries and losses.

Time limits

The time limit for claims of this nature is three years after the accident. There are some exceptions to this, including if the injured party is under 16 years of age, lacks mental capacity or is unaware of the full extent of their injuries. If you suffered your injury when you were under 16 and a claim has not been made on your behalf, you have three years to claim from the date on which you turn 16.

Whatever the case, the Scottish pre-action protocol recommends that your claim is intimated as soon as possible.

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Thompsons Solicitors is the largest personal injury firm in Scotland. We have earned our positive reputation by securing around £1million in compensation for our clients each week and winning around 90% of the cases we take on.

Our No Win No Fee package ensures that you have absolutely no costs or fees to pay unless you win your public space accident claim. If you are successful, you will pay Thompsons a set percentage of your settlement and this is always agreed before you decide to go ahead with the claim. To find out more click through to our No Win No Fee FAQs section.

For more information, give our experts a call today. All discussions are in confidence and without obligation.

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