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Many professions are regulated by an official regulatory body. These include health and social care professionals, solicitors, dentists, lawyers and pharmacists. 

If your professional regulatory body has concerns over your fitness to practice due to information received from a member of the public or your employer they can commence disciplinary proceedings against you.

David Martyn If this happens, you may receive correspondence from your regulator indicating that they are investigating you. We understand this can be an extremely worrying and stressful time. At Thompsons, we have the experience and expertise to support and represent you at these difficult times.

Our team of specialist regulatory lawyers are the most experienced in Scotland at supporting people faced with a regulatory investigation. We’re here to help.


These are various bodies in the UK who are tasked with regulating particular groups of professionals to ensure that they are fit to practice. Generally, all health and social care professionals who work in the UK must be registered with the appropriate regulator.

The regulators our lawyers regularly appear in front of are:

The Scottish Social Services Council (“SSSC”);

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (“NMC”); and

The Health and Care Professions Council (“HCPC”)

Who are the SSSC?

The Scottish Social Services Council (“SSSC”) is the regulator for the social service workforce in Scotland. Their role involves registering social service workers, setting standards for practice in the profession, and taking action where there are concerns regarding an individual’s ability to practice.

The SSSC hold most of their hearings at their offices in Dundee.

Who are the NMC?

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (“NMC”) is the regulator for nurses and midwives in the UK. Their role involves maintaining a register of nurses and midwives allowed to practice in the UK, setting standards for practice in the profession, and taking action where there are concerns regarding an individual’s ability to practice.

The NMC hold most of their Scottish hearings at their offices in Edinburgh.

Who are the HCPC?

The Health and Care Professionals Council (“HCPC”) regulates a wide variety of healthcare professions, including art therapists, biomedical scientists, occupational therapists, paramedics, psychologists etc. The HCPC maintain a Register of health and care professionals, and will take action if they believe that a Registrant is not adhering to their standards of conduct, performance and ethics.

The HCPC do not have a specific base in Scotland. Generally, the hearings are held in Edinburgh but they can be held all over Scotland, including Dundee, Glasgow and Inverness. They are usually held in hotels or NHS premises.

Regulatory Hearings Advice

If you need advice relating to a regulator or regulatory hearing, our specialist regulatory lawyers can help.  With offices throughout Scotland, we’re on hand to provide support, advice and representation if you are under investigation by your professional regulator.  

You can find out more information by clicking the links below, or you can arrange a free telephone consultation with one of our experts by calling 0800 0891 331.

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