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The Partners of Doncaster-based Beresfords were found guilty on 11 charges of serious professional misconduct.

Beresfords made millions of pounds from personal injury claims for miners through the government’s ‘coal health’ compensation scheme.

Mr. Henry says the Bill will help impose harsher sentencing on a “thuggish minority” who’s thoughtless and inexcusable actions cause the whole community to suffer. For example, if a bus driver is assaulted primarily he or she suffers but secondary to this, others suffer as the bus service is removed causing them to miss work or other appointments.

It is again the time of year when lists are being written and checked twice.  It’s also the time of year when I am made aware of clients and friends adding their names to the expanding list of those who have been caught out by internet fraud.

On their own list, the police have busted more than 1,000 scam websites selling everything from fake Ugg boots to supposed Tiffany & Co jewellery so far in the run up to Christmas. Over 1200 of these websites, run by organised criminal networks have been taken down.

The Council say that an accident like this has never happened before.

It is likely that the case will come down to whether the accident was reasonably foreseeable by a competent school teacher with pupil safety in mind.

As well as acting for victims of accidents we at Thompsons also help those who are the innocent victims of assault or other crimes of violence.

The police will investigate the crime and press criminal charges; we will fight for compensation for the victim from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

I didn’t do this for the goodness of my own health……I am made of rubber! No sooner had I done this then I hear about a Thompson’s client, Sharon Kerry, injuring her back while repeatedly bending over to put money in her employers safe. 

I help thousands of people with accident compensation claims every week and really have seen it all.  However, sometimes even I am surprised at how poorly health and safety in the workplace is enforced.  Last week for example, Inverurie firm International Paper (UK) Limited were fined £6000 for an accident in which one of their workers lost an arm.

Some of you may remember the tragic drowning of seven year old Luke Hutton in September 2007 at the Olympia Leisure Centre in Dundee.  The organisation and training of lifeguards at the centre was insufficient and the alarm was raised only when another child reported Luke missing.  His body was found in a covered wave pool following a search.  Fatal accidents like this upset me firstly because they are avoidable by proper implementation of health and safety and secondly because no level of compensation will ever reflect Luke’s families sorrow.  The operators of swimming pool were fined £40,000 last week for breach of Health and Safety Laws.

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