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I was sad to read that last weekend there were 6 fatalities and over 10 people injured as a result of road traffic accidents in Scotland.

Driving can be a dangerous every day activity and sadly I hear about hundreds of crashes on the roads every week. 

I was rather intrigued when I read an article in a newspaper which claimed that Volvo is trying to build an uncrashable car.  Volvo has announced that it wants to build an uncrashable car within the next 10 years. 

Jan Ivarsson, the company’s safety strategy chief has stated that “By 2020 no one should be killed or even moderately injured in a Volvo”.  This sounds like an impossible feat and I will be very interested to follow this story to see what kind of ideas they will come up with.

When I was researching this topic I read that one of their ideas was to have artificial electronic lanes that would prevent cars and trucks from crossing the central white line but this sort of technology would need agreement and assistance from the government. 

Do you think it is possible for an uncrashable car to be built? 

This topic has certainly caught my eye and over the next few weeks I will report on Volvo’s other ideas. Keep posted for my next update and of course let me know your thoughts on the uncrashable car!  

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