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You would think if you put your car into a garage to be repaired the repairs would be carried out and your car would be safe to drive, however that does not always seem to be the case!

I was very concerned when reading a recent report which found that 87 % of garages either missed or ignored problems which could cause road traffic accidents.  People lives are being put at risk because many garages miss or choose to ignore dangerous faults.

Recently a consumer watchdog did some undercover digging and investigators made 4 deliberate, easily fixed faults and took their cars into garages to see if they would be spotted.  The faults such as a deflated spare tyre, low brake fluid or a blown bulb should easily have been found by a trained mechanic.

However I was horrified that the majority of garages either missed or ignored some of the faults with only 3 garages out of 62 visited returned the cars fully repaired and 5 garages didn’t fix the cars at all!  This is seriously worrying as the faults could easily cause an accident, endangering not only the driver of the car but other road users too. 

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