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I was surfing the internet recently and came across statistics which to my astonishment show that crash-for-cash scams in which drivers deliberately cause crashes to claim insurance are on the rise. The Insurance Fraud Bureau reported that 30,000 of these types of accidents occur each year and that the average claim received is £17,000.

These scams are increasing every driver in the country’s premium by £44!! The worst affected areas are in England but there is evidence that these types of scams are becoming more widespread throughout the country.

The fraudsters cause these car crashes by braking sharply while an innocent motorist is behind them, causing the motorist to crash into the back of their car.  Unfortunately this can often cause a personal injury to the innocent motorist.  Following the car crash the fraudster will then claim insurance for the damage to their car.

Sgt Mark Beales of the Manchester Police said recently that the fraudsters often pick on “single mums or elderly people, people who are less likely to cause them any issues”. He added that commercial drivers were also more likely to be targeted as they are less likely to contest the fraudster’s claim than someone who owns their own vehicle.

Now when I’m out driving I always leave plenty of space between me and the car in front so I don’t get caught out by these fraudsters and I would advise you to do the same!  

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