Short Term Financial Assistance

Our serious injury solicitors are all too aware of the financial devastation caused by the loss or reduction of income which can be suffered following a serious injury accident.

While your solicitor will endeavour to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for you, in the quickest possible time, there may also be short term financial help to assist you, your family and any dependents left vulnerable because of reduced earning capacity.

Help through financial hardship

Whether your injury has made you permanently or temporarily unable to work, it is likely that the loss of income will come as a significant blow in the short-term, particularly if, as is likely, you have also incurred expenses as a result of your injury.

In these circumstances, it may be necessary to secure an interim payment of compensation to tide you over until the major details of your claim have been resolved.

While obtaining interim payments can be problematic, and may only be possible if the defendant has admitted liability for the causes of your injury, if the defendant refuses to agree to the payment of interim sums, your personal injury solicitor may make an application to the court.

Any interim payment awarded is deductible from the final sum awarded by the court.

Thompsons, Scotland's leading personal injury firm

Thompsons personal injury solicitors in Scotland can help with the following:

  • Interim compensation payments
  • Insurance rehabilitation payments
  • Welfare benefits
  • Referral to relevant charities/organisations

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