State-of-the-art prosthetic limbs

If you have suffered an accident that has resulted in an amputation you are likely to be offered a prosthesis in the course of your treatment and rehabilitation.

For many years our serious injury solicitors have been working alongside the UK's leading prosthetics experts to ensure our clients receive state-of-the art prosthetics. As well as seeking maximum compensation, it is an absolute priority at Thompsons to ensure clients receive the most appropriate therapies and equipment for their needs.

Prosthetics for all aspects of living post-accident

Any prosthesis you receive should be suitable and comfortable for everyday use. However, we also work hard to make sure the cosmetic appearance of the prosthetic is to your liking. We also take into account the equipment's secondary functions – for example, its suitability for hobbies such as golf, fishing or tennis.

The cost of the prosthesis will be considered as part of your claim for compensation, together with the future cost of maintaining, updating and replacing the device.

Amputation injury claims

Timely legal advice essential to an amputation injury claim. Not only are there strict time limits in place for this kind of litigation – usually three years from the date of injury – but interim payments may also be necessary to meet your immediate and most pressing needs.

The sooner you, or a family member, contact Thompsons personal injury solicitors, the sooner we can make sure you are looked after.

Thompsons solicitors are able to work with specialist prosthetic experts and the NHS to ensure your ongoing care and treatment is properly considered as part of your compensation claim.

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