Head Injury Claims - Bruises and Lacerations

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Sugeons in an operating theatreClaims for facial disfigurement

Head injuries can have lasting and traumatic consequences even in cases where they do not lead to any form of brain injury.

This is because head injuries may involve the trauma of bruising, laceration and possible long-term facial disfigurement.

If you have sustained a bruising or laceration head injury in an accident that wasn't your fault, you may be able to obtain a financial settlement to help you with the following:

  • Compensation for your pain, injury and distress.
  • Compensation for your lost earnings
  • Compensation for your medical expenses
  • Compensation for reconstructive/plastic surgery

Thompsons' head injury solicitors in Scotland are committed to helping the victims of accidents secure the full compensation to which they are entitled. If you have sustained a bruising or laceration head injury in the past three years, it is important that you contact us soon, as there is a strict three-year time limit for most head injury claims in Scotland. One exception is for claims involving injured children; if a child wishes to make a claim themselves they will need to have turned 16 and then they have three years from that date – otherwise, a litigation friend will be able to make the claim and the three-year time limitation will apply.

Claims for psychological injury

Skull and facial fractures are frequently accompanied by the additional psychological trauma of facial disfigurement. Compensation awards for facial disfigurement vary depending on the level of injury.

Although the size of an award used to depend to some degree on the gender of the person affected, it is nowadays "considered doubtful whether gender alone can justify different levels of award". However, claimants under 30 may receive more to recognise the increased psychological impact of their injuries.

The guidelines for facial disfigurement compensation sums are as follows, with pay-outs determined both by the extent of the disfigurement suffered and its psychological impact:

  • Very severe scarring: £26,120 – £85,340
  • Less severe scarring: £15,750 – £42,460
  • Significant scarring: £7,990 – £26,380
  • Less significant scarring: £3,460 – £12,050
  • Trivial scarring: £1,500 – £3,090

Types of accident

Many different types of accident can result in a bruising and laceration head injury. For example, cycling accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, transport accidents, sporting accidents, work accidents, school accidents and slips, trips and falls.

It is important to remember that although the above-listed amounts serve as a guide to an injured party's likely level of compensation, they do not account for the whole settlement. Other factors such as an individual's level of lost earnings, medical care and expenses are also taken into account.

Head injury solicitors in Scotland

If you have suffered bruising or laceration to your face or head in an accident that was caused at least in part by the actions of another party, Thompsons Solicitors in Scotland can help you determine the best course of action, including whether it is in your interests to pursue a claim for compensation.

Find out more about making a claim with Thompsons by reading our head and brain injury FAQs.

We are committed to ensuring access to justice for personal injury victims in Scotland and provide a No Win, No Fee funding model which ensures you incur no financial risk when making a claim with us – instead we take a pre-agreed percentage of your settlement in the event that you win your case.

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