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Types of damages for a spinal injury

Spinal injury accidents can be some of the most serious incidents and may cause significant, life-altering disability.

Compensation claims for spinal injuries are typically complex, especially if a prognosis for recovery is not certain. You will need an experienced team of personal injury solicitors to ensure you receive the best legal advice following your spinal injury and to help you get the support and full compensation package that you deserve. Talk to Thompsons.

The compensation you will receive is broken down into various components and here we look at what your damages package might be made up of.

Solatium – Compensation for pain and suffering

Solatium is an amount of non-pecuniary compensation (not related to financial losses) and relates to the emotional trauma suffered.

Generally, the amount of solatium awarded (known as general damages in English law) will depend on factors including:

  • the nature, extent and severity of the injuries
  • the recovery time needed
  • the effect the injuries will have on the claimant's life in the future
  • the emotional and psychological effect of the injuries

Most spinal injuries will have some lasting effect on the sufferer. The type and severity of spinal cord injury will depend on the location of the damage along the spine and whether it is complete or incomplete. Effects may range from total paralysis, for instance following a complete injury suffered in the cervical spine (the neck), to damaged nerve endings in the sacral spine which may cause reduced bladder or bowel control and loss of sexual function.

Working out the financial recompense for pain and suffering can be a difficult task , and all the medical evidence will need to be carefully analysed. The spinal injury solicitors at Thompsons have years of experience in this field and will fight to ensure you receive the fullest spinal injury compensation possible for solatium.

Special damages – Compensation for financial losses

This part of your spinal injury compensation will cover pecuniary losses; the items that are related to finances and patrimonial loss. So, that could be for the loss of income while you were in hospital or rehabilitation, loss of future income if you are unable to return to work, and sums for all out of pocket expenses, including cost of any specialist medical treatment, rehabilitation costs, adaptations to your home and costs for specialist equipment such as wheelchairs, stair lifts and hoists.

For spinal injury claimants, this is likely to be a significant part of the compensation award and will require careful evaluation of many different elements including the likely cost of any ongoing care and treatment needed.

Thompsons spinal injury solicitors are specialists in this complex field and our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of legal care and support appropriate to your situation.

Interim compensation

Your financial needs may be pressing in the short term following a spinal injury accident and Thompsons will, whenever appropriate, seek interim payment from the defender so that you and your family are not subjected to unnecessary financial hardship.

Any interim payments will be deducted from your overall compensation settlement.

Talk to Thompsons about your spinal injury compensation claim

When you need the best legal care, Thompsons is here to support you.

A spinal injury claim with Thompsons is not merely about compensation, it's about seeking justice and providing support throughout your journey. Through treatment, rehabilitation and therapy and as you start to move on following your spinal injury, we will be here for you.

When it is crucial that you achieve the best outcomes for you and your family, the solicitors at Thompsons will be here to listen, to fight for you and to obtain the best result possible.

Talk to Thompsons about making a claim for spinal injury compensation and the details of our No Win No Fee package. Call 0800 0891 331 today or fill in our contact form online.

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