Long Term Financial Assistance

Advice and assistance from our serious injury solicitors does not stop once you have received compensation. Once you have received settlement it is imperative that you manage your money in such a way as to ensure that your personal and financial interests are secured.

Personal injury trusts

Where appropriate it is usually advisable for claimants to set up a personal injury trust as soon as reasonably possible – most typically within twelve months of a compensation payout.

Trusts are useful because they can ensure that funds remain in the control of claimants but with certain conditions attached to usage – for example, trustees must agree that the claimant has good reason for withdrawing funds before he or she does so.

Trusts can work in many ways. Not only can they be advantageous in terms of taxation, they may also help claimants ensure they remain eligible to receive certain benefits. Of course, the main attraction of a personal injury trust is its ability to help safeguard the claimant's financial future.

Advice from Thompsons

Thompsons Solicitors can offer financial advice and assistance to make sure that you make the most of the compensation you receive and that it lasts as long as possible. Our solicitors can help by:

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