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How Thompsons can help

Traumatic amputations can occur as a result of work accidents, car accidents, and catastrophic incidents. Surgical removal of a limb may occur in cases where the physical damage to a limb is so great that medics have no other option and amputation will be for the greater benefit of the patient.

If another party was liable for the incident which caused the injury, then an experienced amputation claim solicitor can assist with making a claim for compensation. Talk to Thompsons

Thompsons can help – Amputation claim case study

Thompsons' amputation claim solicitors in Scotland are experienced in handling the claims of amputation injury victims. Below are the details of one particular claim.

In 2011, a 29-year-old production line supervisor at a recycling plant in Ayrshire suffered an amputation injury while attempting to clear a blockage on a conveyor belt during the processing of waste materials.

Prosthetic arm and handOur client's arm was severed traumatically at just below the shoulder (the proximal humerus) and he was left suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Chronic Adjustment Disorder. These physical and psychological injuries had a profound effect on his work and family life.

It was immediately apparent that our client would need a specialist prosthetic limb and significant compensation for his pain and suffering. However, the defender valued the claim at £334,000, and argued that our client only required a cosmetic, non-functioning limb, while Thompsons' valuation factored in the initial cost and ongoing maintenance charges for a functional prosthesis.

Thompsons' amputation claim solicitors sought the expert evidence of a registered prosthetist and an independent occupational therapist. They were able to demonstrate to the court the benefits potentially available to our client through the supply of a functional, dynamic arm and hand.

A cosmetic prosthesis (as available on the NHS) would have offered no physical function to our client, whilst the dynamic prosthesis allowed him to have meaningful use so that he could grip rigid objects with the prosthetic hand and use his dominant right hand to perform co-ordinated tasks.

Detailed expert witness reports were submitted to the court. These offered the opinion that the provision of a dynamic prosthesis would enhance our client's independence and psychological well-being.

Using knife and fork with prosthesisEventually, the case was settled for £900,000, which, given the low valuation of the claim from the defender, was a positive outcome for our client.

Thompsons, fighting for what you deserve

In the above amputation injury case, Thompsons' solicitors provided the court with expert witness statements which proved the necessity for advanced equipment and significant rehabilitative therapy. These reports meant the court could award more substantial compensation to our client. If we had been unable to prove that our client would benefit from the advanced prosthesis, the award is likely to have been significantly lower.

If you have suffered an amputation injury, whether it is the amputation of an arm, leg, hand, foot or any other body part, the amputation claim specialists at Thompsons could help you claim the appropriate level of compensation to help you gain access to medical care, specialist equipment, and adaptations to your home, car, etc.

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