Adapting Your Vehicle Following an Accident

Road through a valleyFor many people who suffer a serious or catastrophic injury it may no longer be possible to drive a standard factory model car. 

Having customised adaptations made to a vehicle may make it possible for some accident victims to continue to drive their own car and enjoy a high level of independence and mobility. For others, the best route may be to buy a new vehicle that has already been adapted to meet specialist needs. 

The cost of purchasing a new car or adapting an existing vehicle is something that can be included by our serious injury solicitors in a claim for compensation and our personal injury solicitors are in the ideal position to help achieve this end.  

In addition, when necessary, we can help clients achieve the compensation they require to make adaptations to their homes – more information can be found here.  

What constitutes an adaptation?

There are many adaptations that can be made to cars in order to enable injured parties to return to independent driving. These include:

  • Hand controls
  • Specially placed arm rests
  • Accelerator rings
  • Lighter power steering
  • Fitted straps
  • Fitted handles
  • Wheel turning devices
  • Specially designed seats
  • Adaptations for a wheel chair
  • Remote control
  • Electric gears

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